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North Ayrshire Council

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North Ayrshire Council
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Ayrshire • Buteshire
Primary Destinations
East Ayrshire • East Renfreshire • Inverclyde • Renfrewshire
Transport Scotland Roads
A78 • A737 • A738

North Ayrshire Council is the Roads Authority for all the roads in the northern portion of the County of Ayrshire, except the A78, A737 and A738 which are managed by Transport Scotland. The council also covers the Clyde Isles of the Isle of Arran and the Cumbraes, which are in the historic county of Buteshire. As of 2016, Government Statistics say that the council is responsible for 58.5 miles of A roads; 95.1 miles of B roads and 524.6 miles of other roads. There is an additional 38.6 miles of Trunk roads within the council area, which are maintained by Transport Scotland.

Principal and Classified Numbered Roads

The following is a list of A and B classified roads that are at least partially managed by the authority:

Route From To Length


A71 Edinburgh Irvine 67.6 miles View
A735 Lugton Kilmarnock 12.0 miles View
A736 Braehead Irvine 24.1 miles View
A737 Glasgow Airport Shewalton, near Irvine 25.4 miles View
A738 Ardrossan Kilwinning 5.4 miles View
A760 Largs Auchengrange 13.2 miles View
A841 Largymore Lochranza 23 miles View   
B706 Dunlop Beith 5.2 miles View
B707 Auchentiber Highfield, Dalry 4.2 miles View
B714 Dalry Saltcoats 5.6 miles View
B714 Dalry Saltcoats 5.6 miles View
B728 High Road South Crescent Road 0.4 miles View
B730 Patna Dreghorn 21.0 miles View
B752 Shore Road, Stevenston Ardeer Mains 1.0 mile View
B769 Crossmyloof, Glasgow Irvine 21.2 miles View
B775 Paisley Lugton 8.2 miles View
B777 Kilbirnie Lugton 7.6 miles View
B778 Kilwinning Fenwick 12.0 miles View
B779 Kilwinning Irvine 3.3 miles View
B780 Kilbirnie Stevenston 14.7 miles View
B781 West Kilbride Munnoch 4.3 miles View
B782 West Kilbride Millstonford 1.1 miles View
B784 North Hourat Burnside Bridge, near Dalry 2.2 miles View
B785 Kilwinning Doura 2.7 miles View
B880 Brodick Blackwaterfoot 9.4 miles View
B896 Millport Millport 9.9 miles View
B899 Millport Cumbrae Slip 1.9 miles View
B7025 Irvine Road Main Street 0.6 miles View
B7047 West Kilbride Chapelton 1.47 miles View
B7048 West Kilbride Portencross 2.0 miles View
B7049 Manrahead Knowehead 1.34 miles View
B7080 Eglinton Shewalton 5.1 miles View
B7081 Irvine Kilmarnock 6.9 miles View     

Classified Unnumbered Roads

Main Article: North Ayrshire Council (Class III roads)

For their Class III road network, the authority uses "C" prefixes. They also choose to number their unclassified road network, using "U" prefixes.


Main Article: North Ayrshire Council (Junctions)

Bridges, Tunnels, and other Crossings

Main Article: North Ayrshire Council (Crossings)


North Ayrshire Council

North Ayrshire Council
A71 • A735 • A736 • A737 • A738 • A760 • A841 • B706 • B707 • B714 • B714 (Saltcoats) • B728 • B730 • B752 • B769 • B775 • B777 • B778 • B779 • B780 • B781 • B782 • B784 • B785 • B880 • B896 • B899 • B7025 • B7047 • B7048 • B7049 • B7080 • B7081 • Beech Avenue (North Ayrshire) • C671 (North Ayrshire) • Campbelton Road (North Ayrshire) • Castle Avenue (North Ayrshire) • Construction Road (North Ayrshire) • Fences Road (North Ayrshire) • Goldenberry Road (North Ayrshire) • Highthorn Road (North Ayrshire) • Hillhouse Road (North Ayrshire) • Largs Avenue (North Ayrshire) • Moory Nooke Road (North Ayrshire) • Netherton Avenue (North Ayrshire) • Oilrig Road (North Ayrshire) • Old Road (North Ayrshire) • Power Station Road (North Ayrshire)
Ardrossan • Brodick • Dalry • Hunterston • Irvine • Largs • Seamill • West Kilbride
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