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North Ayrshire (U Class Routes)

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North Ayshire Council Area - List of other classified Roads

Wiki pages are slowly being added for North Ayrshire's "U" routes as a full listing has been obtained, for the moment these are accessible from the table below.

Number Road Name(s)TownNotes
U1Road NameTown
U2Road NameTown
U3Road NameTown
U4Road NameTown
U5Road NameTown
U6Road NameTown
U7Road NameTown
U8BoagKilbirniesee wiki page for details
U9Road NameTown
U10Road NameTown
U11Spiersland wayBeithsee wiki page for details
U12Road NameTown
U13Road NameTown
U14Road NameTown
U15Road NameTown
U16Road NameTown
U17Road NameTown
U18Road NameTown
U19Road does not have an official name but is locally known as Baidland Hill RoadDalrysee wiki page for details
U20Un-named RoadDalrysee wiki page for details
U21Road NameTown
U22Road NameTown
U23Road NameTown
U25Road NameTown
U26Road NameTown
U27Road NameTown
U28Road NameTown
U29Road NameTown
U30Road NameTown
U31Road NameTown
U32Road NameTown
U33Road NameTown
U34Road NameTown
U35Highthorn Road/Beech Avenue/Old Road/Largs AvenueWest Kilbridesee wiki page for details
U36Road NameTown
U37Road NameTown
U38Road NameTown
U39Road NameTown
U40Road NameTown
U41Road NameTown
U42Road NameTown
U43Road NameTown
U44Road NameTown
U45Road NameTown
U46Road NameTown
U47Road NameTown
U48Road NameTown
U49Road NameTown
U50Road NameTown
U51Road NameTown
U52Road NameTown
U53Road NameTown
U54Road NameTown
U55Road NameTown
U56Road NameTown
U57Road NameTown
U58Road NameTown
U59Road NameTown
U60ThirdpartWest Kilbridesee wiki page for details
U61Road NameTown
U62WindyedgeDalrysee wiki page for details
U63Road NameTown
U64Road NameTown
U65Road NameTown
U66AuchengateIrvinesee wiki page for details
U67Road NameTown
U68Road NameTown
U70Road NameTown
U71Road NameTown
U81Road NameTown
U82Road NameTown
U83Road NameTown
U84Road NameTown
U85Road NameTown
U86Road NameTown
U87Road NameTown
U88Road is not offically named, but locally it takes its name from the tourist attraction "Fallen Rocks"Sannox, Isle of Arransee wiki page for details
U89Road NameTown
U90Road NameTown
U91Road NameTown
U92Road NameTown
U93Road NameTown

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