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North Northamptonshire Council

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North Northamptonshire Council
Location Map ( geo)
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Primary Destinations
Corby • Kettering • Wellingborough
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Highways England Roads
A14, A45

North Northamptonshire Council is the Highway Authority for all roads in the Administrative County of North Northamptonshire, with the exception of Trunk roads managed by Highways England. It took that responsibility on from Northamptonshire Council and came into being on 1st April 2021.

It lies within the historic county of Northamptonshire.

Primary Destinations

The following Primary Destinations are located within the council area:

Trunk Roads

The following roads that run through the council area are at least partially Trunk Roads, and therefore managed by Highways England:

Principal and Classified Numbered Roads

The following is a list of A and B classified roads that are at least partially managed by the council:

Route From To Length


A6 Luton Carlisle 299 miles View
A43 M40 J10, Cherwell Valley Stamford 66.0 miles View
A45 Bordesley, Birmingham Thrapston 75.8 miles View
A47 Birmingham Lowestoft 157.9 miles View
A427 Market Harborough Oundle 21.0 miles View
A508 Old Stratford Market Harborough 30.4 miles View
A509 Milton Keynes Kettering 30.6 miles View
A510 Wellingborough Cranford St John 7.4 miles View
A605 Thrapston Guyhirn 35.1 miles View
A4300 Telford Way, Kettering Stanion 7.5 miles View
A4500 Harpole Wellingborough bypass 14.6 miles View
A5001 Rushden Bypass Sanders Lodge 3.5 miles View
A5028 Higham Ferrers Rushden 3.5 miles View
A5128 Finedon Road, Wellingborough Wilby 2.9 miles View
A5193 Little Irchester Hatton Park 2.4 miles View
A6003 Barton Seagrave Oakham 22.9 miles View
A6013 Kettering bypass Northfield Avenue, Kettering 0.8 miles View
A6014 Great Oakley Corby 2.5 miles View
A6086 Steel Road Stamford Road 1.9 miles View
A6098 Barton Road Stamford Road 1.1 miles View
A6116 Islip Rockingham 14.1 miles View
A6183 Kettering Weekley 1.3 miles View
A6900 Montagu Street, Kettering Windmill Avenue, Kettering 1.1 miles View


B569 Rushden Strixton 5.6 miles View
B570 Irchester Little Irchester 1.0 mile View
B571 Wellingborough Irthlingborough By-Pass 5.4 miles View
B572 Wellingborough Wellingborough station 0.4 miles View
B573 Earls Barton Wellingborough 7.2 miles View
B574 Great Harrowden Hill Top 1.8 miles View
B575 Kettering Kettering station 0.2 miles View
B576 Desborough bypass (N) Rothwell 4.1 miles View
B645 Rushden Eaton Ford 17.7 miles View
B662 Old Weston Wigsthorpe 5.1 miles View
B663 Bythorn By Pass Chelveston 7.6 miles View
B664 Great Bowden Uppingham 11.8 miles View
B669 Rothwell Wilbarston 6.5 miles View
B670 East Carlton Rockingham 2.8 miles View
B5323 Warren Hill Northampton Road 0.8 miles View
B5348 Irthlingborough bypass (W) Nene Park Roundabout 1.2 miles View
B6481 Oakley Road Phoenix Parkway 0.6 miles View


Classified Unnumbered (Class III) Roads

Main Article: North Northamptonshire Council (Class III roads)

It has not yet been announced how (or if) the authority will number its Class III road network.


Main Article: North Northamptonshire Council (Junctions)

Bridges, Tunnels, and other Crossings

Main Article: North Northamptonshire Council (Crossings)


North Northamptonshire Council
A6 • A43 • A45 • A47 • A427 • A508 • A509 • A510 • A605 • A4300 • A4500 • A5001 • A5028 (Northamptonshire) • A5128 • A5193 • A6003 • A6013 (Kettering) • A6014 • A6086 • A6098 • A6116 • A6183 • A6900 • B569 • B570 • B571 • B572 • B573 • B574 • B575 • B576 • B645 • B662 • B663 • B664 • B669 • B670 • B5323 • B5348 • B6481 (Corby)
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