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North Yorkshire Council (Class III roads)

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North Yorkshire Council uses C classifications for its Class III Roads. The numbering system is shared with York Council. In total, the council is responsible for 2785km (1730 miles) of Class III roads.

North Yorkshire's Class III network

Route From To Length


C1 Scotch Corner (A1(M)) Egton Low Moor (A171) 72.9 km View
C2 High Worsall (B1264) Ellerbeck (A684) 14.3 km View
C3 South Cowton (B1263) Yafforth (B6271) 6.6 km View
C4 North of Northallerton (A167) Brompton (A684) 3.3 km View
C5 Romanby (B1333) Knayton (A19) 11.3 km View
C6 Scotch Corner Croft-on-Tess (A167) 9.4 km View
C7 Newsham (A66) Stapleton 13.6 km View
C8 North Cowton (B1263) Croft-on-Tees (A167) 3.6 km View
C9 East Harlsey Ingleby Arncliffe (A19) 2.3 km View
C10 Thornton-le-Moor (A168) Yafforth (B6271) 11.1 km View
C11 Thornton-le-Beans (A168) Leake (A19) 4.9 km View
C12 West Layton (A66) Blackwell Roundabout (A66(M)) 21.0 km View
C13 Northallerton (B6271) Brompton (A684) 2.2 km View
C14 Bramham Crossroads County Boundary 0.3 km View
C16 Leven Bridge (A173) Guisborough Road Roundabout (A173) 1.5 km View
C19 Hinderwell (A174) Ellerby (A174) 2.6 km View
C20 Amotherby (B1257) Castleton (C1) 38.9 km View
C21 Danby (C1) Border with Redcar & Cleveland 3.1 km View
C22 Crathorne Interchange (A19) Hutton Rudby 5.4 km View
C23 Tame Bridge, Stokesley (A19) Border with Stockton-on-Tees 4.3 km View
C24 Stocking Hill, Faceby (A172) Battersby (C1) 16.6 km View
C25 Great Ayton (A173) Easby 2.6 km View
C26 Stokesley (B1257) Kirkby 2.9 km View
C27 Osmotherley Interchange (A19) Hutton Rudby 12.9 km View
C28 Gilling West (B6274) Aldbrough St. John (B6275) 8.1 km View
C29 Reeth (B6270) Border with Cumbria 18.7 km View
C30 Langthwaite Border with County Durham 4.1 km View
C31 Ripley (B6165) Camp Centre, Catterick Garrison (A6136) 43.0 km View
C32 Buckden Swaledale 29.8 km View
C33 Gargrave (A65) Broughton (A59) 3.6 km View
C34 Appersett (A684) Camp Centre, Catterick Garrison (A6136) 38.8 km View
C35 Preson-under-Scar Middleham (A6108) 20.2 km View
C36 West Tanfield (A6108) Catterick Village (A6055) 19.2 km View
C37 Hipswell Road, Catterick Garrison Catterick Village 9.1 km View
C38 Askrigg near Muker (B6270) 7.4 km View
C39 Huby (A658) Dunkeswick (A61) 4.7 km View
C40 Leeming Lane, near Marne Barracks (A6055) Cross Lanes, Scruton (A684) 8.6 km View
C41 Pottergate, Richmond (A6108) Border with County Durham 14.0 km View
C42 Bedale (B6268) Harmby (A684) 18.8 km View
C43 near Burtersett (A684) Stalling Busk 10.8 km View
C44 York Road Roundabout, Knaresborough (A658) next to the A1(M), east of Flaxby 4.5 km View
C45 Ure Bank, Ripon (A61) Burneston (B6285) 13.9 km View
C46 Scorton (B1263) A6055 north of Scotch Corner 8.1 km View
C47 Harrogate Bypass (A658) Starbeck (A59) 4.7 km View
C48 Masham (A6108) Pott Bank, Colsterdale 8.6 km View
C49 Aysgarth Falls (A684) West Burton (B6160) 1.4 km View
C50 Wathgill Camp (A6108) Ellerton Abbey, Swaledale (B6270) 3.2 km View
C51 Gledstone Hall, West Marton Border with Lancashire 0.9 km View
C52 Thornton Watlass Carthorpe 9.2 km View
C53 Dolly Bog Wood, near Hutton Hang Scotton 10.4 km View
C54 High Ellington (A6108) Ellingstring 4.0 km View
C55 Kirkby Fleetham Great Langton (B6271) 2.8 km View
C56 Lawns Road, Houlsyke (C1) Dean Hall Brow (B1416) 21.7 km View
C57 Top of Sutton Bank (A170) Rievaulx (B1257) 7.3 km View
C58 Bridge Street, Helmsley (A170) Cockayne, Bransdale 16.4 km View
C59 A170 east of Nawton Kirkbymoorside 3.3 km View
C60 Kirkbymoorside Cockayne, Bransdale 15.6 km View
C61 C351 between Birdsall & Leavening Keld Lane, Hutton-le-Hole (C20) 43.7 km View
C62 Lowna, near Gillamoor Blakey Bank (C20) 10.2 km View
C63 Wrelton (A170) Rosedale Head 21.2 km View
C64 Hutton-le-Hole Lower Askew 4.6 km View
C65 Great Barugh Kirby Misperton Turn (A169) 5.9 km View
C66 Pickering (A170) Stape 11.7 km View
C67 High Marishes (A169) Levisham 15.9 km View
C68 Low Marishes (A169) Yedingham (B1258) 9.6 km View
C69 Main Street, Ebberston (B1415) High Street, Ebberston (A170) 1.3 km View
C70 Brompton (A170) Robin Hood's Bay Road (A171) 34.4 km View
C71 East Ayton (A170) Hackness 6.2 km View
C72 Border with East Yorks, Butterwick Sawton 17.9 km View
C73 Main Street, Seamer (B1261) Seamer Road, Scarborough (A64) 2.5 km View
C74 Stoney Haggs Road, Seamer (C73) Stepney Hill, Scarborough (A170) 2.0 km View
C75 Folkton (A1039) South Cliff, Scarborough (A165) 7.9 km View
C76 Burniston (A171) Harewood Dale 7.2 km View
C77 Cloughton (A171) Ravenscar 8.3 km View
C78 The Falcon Inn (A171) Ravenscar 2.2 km View
C79 Scaling Dam (A171) Whitby Road, Staithes (A174) 6.6 km View
C80 Ugthorpe Junction (A171) Lythe (A174) 7.3 km View
C81 Guisborough Road, Aislaby (A171) Sandsend (A174) 6.1 km View
C82 Goathland Lane End (A169) Egton Low Moor (A171) 16.1 km View
C83 near RAF Fylingdales (A169) Cow Wath Bank (C82) 10.0 km View
C84 Sleights Moor (A169) Egton Junction (A171) 5.6 km View
C85 Pond Hill, Fylingdales (A171) Robin Hood's Bay (B1447) 7.3 km View
C86 Boroughbridge (B6265) Brandsby (B1363) 24.9 km View
C87 West Tanfield (A6108) Tollerton (A19) 32.9 km View
C88 Great Thirkleby (A19) Oswaldkirk (B1363) 18.8 km View
C89 Sutton Road, Thirsk (A170) Hovingham (B1257) 25.8 km View
C90 Hovingham Strensall 14.9 km View
C91 Easingwold Castle Howard Station 22.9 km View
C92 Little Ouseburn Warthill 17.4 km View
C93 Stamford Bridge Sheriff Hutton 13.0 km View
C96 Raskelf Coxwold 9.0 km View
C97 near Hovingham (B1257) Helmsley (A170) 10.4 km View
C98 Aldwark Bridge Husthwaite 17.5 km View
C99 Skipton-on-Swale (A61) Husthwaite 21.5 km View
C100 Newton-on-Ouse Sutton-on-the-Forest (B1363) 12.3 km View
C101 Sutton Road, Thirsk (A170) Sutton-under-Whitestonecliffe (A170) 11.6 km View
C102 Glusburn (A6068) Border with Lancashire 9.4 km View
C103 Kettlewell Coverham 21.5 km View
C104 Range Road, Catterick Tunstall 6.6 km View
C105 Askrigg Aysgarth (A684) 7.0 km View
C106 Leyburn (A6108) Grinton (B6270) 11.1 km View
C107 Richmond (A6136) Halfpenny House 8.3 km View
C108 A66 near Hartford Scurragh House Crossroads (A6055) 7.7 km View
C109 Reeth (B6270) Marske 6.4 km View
C110 Rokeby Inn, Newsham (A66) Newsham 1.5 km View
C111 Keighley Road, Skipton (A6131) Belmont Street, Skipton (A6069) 0.4 km View
C112 Ravensworth (A66) Whashton 3.5 km View
C113 Gargrave Thornton-in-Craven (A59) 10.4 km View
C114 RAF Leeming (A6055) Lumley Lane, near Kirkby Fleetham (C40) 8.2 km View
C115 B6285 north of Exelby RAF Leeming 5.1 km View
C116 Leyburn Road, Catterick Garrison (C34) Slee Gill, Richmond (C107) 2.3 km View
C117 Plumer Road, Catterick Garrison (C116) Richmond Road, Catterick Garrison (A6136) 0.9 km View
C118 Newbiggin (B6160) Carperby (C34) 4.2 km View
C119 A65 west of Austwick Helwith Bridge (B6479) 6.6 km View
C120 Whinwath Lane, Kirklington Lime Lane, Kirklington (B6267) 0.9 km View
C121 Thorpe Road, Masham Ilton 5.1 km View
C122 Downholme (A6108) St. Martin's, Richmond 7.3 km View
C123 Forcett (B6274) East Layton 2.1 km View
C124 Thornborough (B6267) Tanfield Lane, Wath 2.6 km View
C125 Downholme (A6108) Marske 1.9 km View
C126 Moor Lane, West Tanfield Carthorpe 5.5 km View
C127 Constable Burton (C130) Hawkswell Lane, East Hauxwell (C104) 3.3 km View
C128 Spennithorne Newton-le-Willows 8.4 km View
C129 Victoria Road, Richmond (A6108) Longwood Bank (A6136) 1.8 km View
C130 Constable Burton (A684) Hunton 2.9 km View
C131 Keighley Road, Skipton (A6131) Border with Lancashire 10.2 km View
C132 Hackforth Great Fencote 4.5 km View
C133 Burton-on-Yore (C31) Snape (C36) 4.0 km View
C135 Marsett Askrigg 6.2 km View
C136 Seamer (Stokesley) Great Ayton (A173) 6.5 km View
C138 Seamer (Stokesley) Border with Stockton 2.0 km View
C139 Rudby (C1) Border with Stockton 4.1 km View
C140 Seamer Road (C138) Border with Middlesbrough 2.7 km View
C142 Hutton Rudby (C1) Stocking Hill (A172) 4.1 km View
C143 Hutton Rudby (C1) Stocking Hill (A172) 3.6 km View
C144 Castleton (C1) Danby (C1) 2.2 km View
C145 Ainthorpe (C144) Fryupdale 8.9 km View
C147 Kiplin Park (B6271) Yafforth (B6271) 12.2 km View
C148 East Cowton Tofts Lane, Welbury 11.0 km View
C149 Northallerton (A167) Jeator Houses (A19) 7.1 km View
C150 Appleton Wiske Brompton Lane, Brompton 7.7 km View
C151 Hang Bank (B6275) Five Hills Lane, Middleton Tyas 4.3 km View
C152 west of Picton Crathorne 4.5 km View
C153 Easby Lane, Great Ayton Great Ayton railway station 3.6 km View
C155 Commondale (C1 Castleton 4.1 km View
C156 Sutton-under-Whitestonecliffe Leake (A19) 13.4 km View
C157 Litley Bank, Kepwick (C156) Allerton Wath Road, Barrowby (C5) 5.0 km View
C158 West Rounton (C1) Low Moor Lane, East Harlsey (C2) 2.2 km View
C159 Morton-on-Swale (A684) Great Langton (B6271) 6.2 km View
C160 Clay Bank Top (B1257) Easby (C1) 3.6 km View
C161 A19 north of Trenholme Bar Border with Stockon-on-Tees 3.6 km View
C162 Middleton-on-Leven (C139) Border with Stockton-on-Tees at Foxton Bridge 1.4 km View
C163 Ingleby Cross (A172) Ingleby Arncliffe (A19) 1.0 km View
C164 Blackhorse Lane, Swainby Coalmire Lane, Swainby 1.9 km View
C165 Blackhorse Lane, Potto Potto village 1.1 km View
C166 Leeming Lane, Sinderby (A6055) Wide Howe Lane, Rainton (C27) 10.1 km View
C167 Bridge Hewick (B6265) Boroughbridge (B6265) 7.2 km View
C168 Dalton (C99) Newby Wiske (C10) 19.1 km View
C169 South Kilvington (A61) Knayton (A19) 7.5 km View
C170 West Lane, Stillington (C91) Oulston 7.1 km View
C171 Brandsby (B1363) Dasket Hill, Sheriff Hutton (C90) 8.1 km View
C172 North of Brandsby (B1363) Malton (B1248) 19.9 km View
C173 Amotherby (B1257) Braygate Street, Hildenley 1.9 km View
C174 Ampleforth Brandsby (B1363) 7.4 km View
C176 Sand Hutton Howsham 5.4 km View
C177 Stamford Bridge Norton-on-Derwent 19.4 km View
C178 Easingwold Yearsley 8.1 km View
C179 Brafferton Hutton Sessay 9.3 km View
C180 near Oswaldkirk (B1257) West Ness 5.3 km View
C181 Lilling Lane near Flaxton North Grimston (B1248) 5.3 km View
C182 Wombleton (A170) Harome (C97) 3.4 km View
C183 Kilburn (C89) Byland Abbey (C88) 5.8 km View
C184 York Road, east of Alne (A19) Station Road, Alne (C98) 2.6 km View
C185 Helperby (C87) Aldwark (C92) 12.2 km View
C186 Marton-le-Moor (B6265) Cundall (C87) 7.6 km View
C187 West of Pickhill (A6055) Ainderby Quernhow (B6267) 4.2 km View
C188 Huttons Ambo (A64) A64 south of Malton Bypass 4.1 km View
C189 Cold Kirby (C190) B1257 near Rievaulx 9.9 km View
C190 Sutton Bank (A170) B1257 near Rievaulx 12.8 km View
C191 Linkfoot Lane (A170) Beadlam (A170) 6.9 km View
C193 Gillamoor Lane, Kirkbymoorside (C60) Gillamoor (C61) 2.0 km View
C194 Little Edstone (C20) Lower Askew (C64) 6.6 km View
C195 Marton (C20) Sinnington (A170) 4.4 km View
C197 Marton (C195) Pickering (A170) 5.1 km View
C198 Newsham Lane, Great Habton (C20) Kirby Misperton (C65) 5.0 km View
C200 Appleton-le-Moors (C194) Lastingham (C64) 3.5 km View
C201 Wrelton (C63) Lower Askew (C64) 7.2 km View
C203 Pickering Road, Hutton Burcel (A170) Pickering Road, Hutton Burcel (A170) 2.1 km View
C204 Filey Road, Cayton Bay (A165) Cayton (B1261) 1.3 km View
C205 Lebberston (B1261) Filey Road (A165) 4.8 km View
C206 Ringing Keld Hill (A171) Lindhead Road, near Burneston (C76) 3.3 km View
C207 Hackness (C70) Harwood Dale (C76) 6.1 km View
C208 Staintondale (C77) Gainforth Wath Road (C78) 1.9 km View
C209 Hackness (C70) Langdale End 2.2 km View
C212 Town End, Ruston (A170) Main Street, Ruston (A170) 0.7 km View
C214 Guisborough Road, Aislaby (A171) Lythe (A174) 13.8 km View
C216 Dunsley Lane, Newholm (C81) Castle Road, Whitby (B1460) 1.7 km View
C219 Rigg Hall (A171) Fylingthorpe (C85) 1.5 km View
C220 Ugthorpe Ellerby (A174) 4.2 km View
C221 Lealholm (C1) Fryup End (C56) 2.0 km View
C224 Blue Bank (A169) Dean Hall Brow (C56) 4.4 km View
C225 Stainsacre (A171) Sneatonthorpe (B1416) 6.0 km View
C226 High Hawsker (B1447) Stainsacre Lane (C225) 1.6 km View
C227 Whitby Road, Robin Hood's Bay (B1447) Fylingthorpe (C85) 1.1 km View
C228 West Witton (A684) Melmerby (Coverdale) 4.0 km View
C229 A167 near Dalton-on-Tees A167 near Great Smeaton 7.1 km View
C230 Barton-le-Street (B1257) Great Edstone (C20) 13.9 km View
C231 Wombleton Welburn 1.5 km View
C232 Hackforth Hunton 5.3 km View
C233 Ripon Bypass (A61) Dishforth Interchange (A1(M)/A168) 5.3 km View
C234 Blubberhouses (A59) Border with Leeds at Otley 10.0 km View
C235 Carleton Road, Skipton (C131) Border with Bradford at Silsden 8.0 km View
C236 Beamsley (A59) Border with Leeds at Otley 12.7 km View
C237 Falsgrave (A170) Burniston Road, Peasholm (A165) 3.0 km View
C238 Farnley Hall (B6451) Leathley (B6161) 2.0 km View
C240 Leathley Lane End (A658) Harrogate Road, near Huby (A659) 8.1 km View
C241 Parliament Street, Harrogate (A61) Brame Lane, near Menwith Hill (B6451) 10.2 km View
C242 Kettlesing Head (A59) Menwith Hill Road 1.7 km View
C243 Otley Road, Harrogate (B6162) Burn Bridge 3.5 km View
C244 Hellifield (A65) Airton 5.5 km View
C247 Newby (A171) Scalby Mills (A165) 1.4 km View
C248 Elslack (A59) Lothersdale (C102) 7.7 km View
C249 Border with Bradford at Eastburn Border with Bradford at Stinking Stone 3.1 km View
C250 Scalby Road, Newby (A171) Green Lane, Newby (A165) 0.9 km View
C252 Hanging Moor, Thornthwaite Birstwith 8.1 km View
C253 Coniston Cold (A65) Airton 3.3 km View
C254 B1264 near Hornby Border with Darlington 6.7 km View
C256 Otley Road, Killnghall (B6161) Darley (B6451) 11.0 km View
C257 Hildebrand Barracks, Harrogate Hampsthwaite 3.4 km View
C258 Leeds Road, Pannal (A61) Beckwithshaw (B6162) 4.9 km View
C259 Beckwithshaw (B6161) Harrogate Road, Dunkeswick (A61) 6.8 km View
C260 Pannal (A61) Follifoot (A661) 4.7 km View
C261 Pannal (C260) Border with Leeds near Sicklinghall 10.0 km View
C262 Follifoot (C260) Spofforth (A661) 3.2 km View
C263 Hampsthwaite (C256) Boroughbridge (C267) 23.5 km View
C264 Scriven (A6055) Minskip (A6055) 8.1 km View
C265 Scotton (B6165) Marton-cum-Grafton (B6265) 11.9 km View
C266 Staveley (C264) Arkendale (C265) 11.9 km View
C267 Bridge Street, Boroughbridge (B6265) Aldborough Gate Interchange (A1(M)/A6055) 1.6 km View
C268 Scotton (C265) Scriven (A6055) 2.9 km View
C269 Boroughbridge Road, Knaresborough (A6055) York Place, Knaresborough (A59) 0.8 km View
C270 Blubberhouses (A59) Greenhow Hill (B6265) 11.1 km View
C271 Skipton Road, Blubberhouses (A59) Hardisty Hill, Blubberhouses 2.6 km View
C272 Burnsall (B6160) Barden Tower (B6160) 6.6 km View
C273 Spofforth Askham Richard 19.9 km View
C274 Yew Tree Lane, Pannal Calcutt (B6163) 6.6 km View
C275 Harrogate Bypass (A658) Spofforth 3.4 km View
C276 B6265 near Marton-cum-Grafton Great Ouseburn 1.7 km View
C277 Boroughbridge (B6265) B6265 near Whixley 13.8 km View
C278 Walshford (A168) B6265 near Whixley 7.9 km View
C279 New Road (A59) Boroughbridge Road B6265 2.8 km View
C280 Kirk Hammerton (A59) Nun Monkton 4.2 km View
C282 Cattal Tockwith Road (C273) 1.3 km View
C283 Moor Monkton Crossroads (A59) Long Marston (C273) 3.7 km View
C284 Tockwith (C273) Bilton-in-Ainsty (B1224) 2.0 km View
C286 Thorpe Arch (county boundary) Askham Richard 8.9 km View
C288 Tadcaster (A659) Wighill (C286) 3.5 km View
C289 Tadcaster (A659) Appleton Roebuck 11.3 km View
C290 Bilbrough Top (A64) Appleton Roebuck 4.7 km View
C291 Colton (C290) Border with York 2.7 km View
C303 Escrick Skipwith 8.8 km View
C304 Escrick (A19) North Duffield (A163 9.3 km View
C305 Tadcaster Grammar School Stutton (A162) 4.2 km View
C306 Border with Leeds Tadcaster (A659) 1.5 km View
C307 Stillingfleet (B1222) Escrick (A19) 3.7 km View
C309 Stillingfleet Riccall (A19) 4.5 km View
C310 B1222 north of Cawood Kelfield Road, Riccall (C309) 3.1 km View
C311 Sherburn-in-Elmet (B1222) Border with Leeds near Lotherton Hall 4.5 km View
C312 Sherburn-in-Elmet (B1222) Ulleskelf (B1223) 6.9 km View
C313 Barkston Ash (A162) Church Fenton 3.6 km View
C314 Wistow (B1223) Bishopdyke Road, Biggin (B1222) 6.3 km View
C315 Cawood (B1223) Thorpe Willoughby (A1238) 6.9 km View
C316 Wistow (B1223) Bondgate, Selby (B1223) 6.2 km View
C317 North Duffield (A163) Woodhall Lane, South Duffield (C318) 4.7 km View
C318 Osgodby (A63) Hull Road, Hemingborough (A63) 9.2 km View
C319 Cliffe (A63) Skipwith (C304) 6.9 km View
C320 B1222 near Selby Fork South Milford (C321) 3.4 km View
C321 Sherburn-in-Elmet (A162) Monk Fryston (A63) 5.1 km View
C322 Hambleton (A63) Selby Road, Staynor Hall (A1041) 6.9 km View
C323 Fairburn (A1246) Brayton (A19) 14.6 km View
C324 Leeds Road, Tadcaster (A659) Wetherby Road, Tadcaster (A659) 0.6 km View
C325 Westgate, Tadcaster (A659) High Street, Tadcaster (A659) 0.3 km View
C326 Wistow Road, Selby (B1223) Hospital Lane, near Bishop Woods 2.8 km View
C327 Fairburn (A1246) Border with Leeds at Fairburn Ings 2.6 km View
C328 A1041 south of Selby A1041 north of Camblesforth 4.2 km View
C329 Old Great North Road, Byram (A162) Carlton (A1041) 18.9 km View
C330 Burn (A19) Selby Road (A1041) 3.2 km View
C331 Hillam Common Lane (C323) Beal 4.1 km View
C332 A645 at Kellingley Lunn Lane, Kellington (C333) 2.5 km View
C333 A645 east of Kellingley Border with East Yorks near Gowdall 8.6 km View
C334 Eggborough Kellington 2.1 km View
C335 Border with Wakefield, near Darrington Whitley (A19) 6.4 km View
C336 Kellingley (A645) Cridling Stubbs 2.3 km View
C337 Drax Power Station (A645) Newland 3.5 km View
C338 Drax Power Station (A645) Long Drax 4.1 km View
C339 Great Heck Hensall 2.9 km View
C340 Balne Moor Border with East Yorkshire 3.1 km View
C341 Great Heck Broach Lane, Hensall (A645) 1.2 km View
C342 Border with Wakefield, near Cridling Stubbs Border with Doncaster, near Kirk Smeaton 7.1 km View
C343 Border with Wakefield, near Darrington Border with East Yorkshire, near Balne 11.0 km View
C344 Border with Wakefield, near Wentbridge Little Smeaton 4.1 km View
C345 London Road, Byram (A162) Great North Road, Brotherton (A1246) 1.0 km View
C346 Ferrybridge Bypass (A162) Brotherton 0.9 km View
C347 Monk Fryston (A63) Hillam 0.9 km View
C348 Gateforth West Haddesley 2.0 km View
C349 Scagglethorpe (A64) North Grimston (B1248) 5.7 km View
C350 near Norton on Derwent (B1248) Settrington 2.9 km View
C351 Norton on Derwent (B1248) Border with East Yorkshire 19.4 km View
C352 Leavening Birdsall 1.3 km View
C353 Leavening Brow Border with East Yorkshire 1.3 km View
C354 Leppington Acklam 5.4 km View
C355 near Norton-on-Derwent Acklam 6.5 km View
C356 Duggleby (B1253) Border with East Yorkshire 17.2 km View
C357 West Knapton (A64) West Lutton 9.7 km View
C358 Gally Gap Westow 3.6 km View
C359 North of West Lutton Yedingham (B1258) 9.1 km View
C360 West Lutton (C356) Border with East Yorkshire at Cowlam 3.6 km View
C361 Helperthorpe (C356) Border with East Yorkshire towards Sledmere 3.4 km View
C362 Kirby Grindalythe (C356) Border with East Yorkshire towards Sledmere 2.1 km View
C363 Foxholes (B1249) Ganton 6.4 km View
C364 Top of Staxton Hill (B1249) Border with East Yorkshire at Cans Dale 3.1 km View
C365 Folkton (A1039) Moor Road, Hunmanby (A165) 7.2 km View
C366 Muston (A1039) Border with East Yorkshire near Burton Fleming 7.7 km View
C367 Hunmanby (C365) Reighton (A165) 4.0 km View
C368 New Road, Hunmanby (C369) Border with East Yorkshire towards Burton Fleming 2.6 km View
C369 Bridlington Street, Hunmanby (C367) Border with East Yorkshire towards Wold Newton 3.8 km View
C370 Speeton (B1229) Scarborough Road (A165) 1.3 km View
C371 Ripon (C423) Grewelthorpe (C31) 10.3 km View
C372 Blazefield Bank, Glasshouses (B6265) Kirkby Malzeard (C31) 12.3 km View
C373 Studley Road, Ripon (B6265) Gatebridge Road, Galphay (C31) 6.2 km View
C374 Hebden Bank, Bishop Thornton (C31) Moor Lane, Aldfield (B6265) 7.7 km View
C375 Wormald Green (A61) Markington (C263) 1.5 km View
C376 Burnt Yates (A61) Blazefield Bank (B6265) 8.8 km View
C377 Ripon (B6265) Farnham (C264) 12.6 km View
C378 Wormald Green (A61) Burton Leonard (C377) 2.5 km View
C379 Pateley Bridge (B6265) Lofthouse 12.4 km View
C380 Burton in Lonsdale(A687) Border with Lancashire 1.5 km View
C381 Burton in Lonsdale(A687) Low Bentham (B6480) 3.0 km View
C382 Low Bentham (B6480) Border with Lancashire 0.6 km View
C383 Burton in Lonsdale (C381) Bentham Road (C385) 1.7 km View
C384 High Bentham (B6480) Border with Lancashire 4.0 km View
C385 High Bentham (B6480) Ingleton 5.8 km View
C386 Settle Bypass (A65) Thickrash Brow, High Bentham (C384) 13.8 km View
C387 Clapham (B6480) Border with Lancashire at Bowland Knotts Pass 9.4 km View
C388 Clapham (B6480) Ingleton (B6255) 6.1 km View
C389 Giggleswick Austwick 8.3 km View
C390 Settle (B6480) Kirkby Malham 8.5 km View
C391 Settle (B6480) Wigglesworth (B6478) 8.1 km View
C392 Giggleswick (B6480) Austwick Road, Helwith Bridge 5.7 km View
C393 Gargrave (A65) Langcliffe (B6479) 22.9 km View
C394 Stainforth (B6479) Kilnsey (B6160) 24.4 km View
C395 Kettlewell (B6160) Grassington (B6265) 10.4 km View
C396 Kilnsey (B6160) Conistone 0.6 km View
C397 Appletreewick Hebden Road (B6265) 3.7 km View
C398 Skipton Bypass (A65) The Scale (B6160) 10.0 km View
C399 Embsay (C398) A59 near Halton East 2.5 km View
C400 South of Hellifield (A682) Panbeck Farm 4.4 km View
C401 New Road, Ingleton (A65) Main Street, Ingleton 0.6 km View
C402 Little Stainton Nappa (A682) 2.9 km View
C403 Newby Head (B6255) Border with Westmorland and Furness 0.5 km View
C404 Gargrave (A65) Cracoe (B6265) 7.4 km View
C410 Whitley Bridge Interchange (M62) Eggborough (A19) 2.4 km View
C411 Barlby Riccall 7.7 km View
C412 Boroughbridge Road (B6265) York Road (A59) 1.0 km View
C420 Minskip (A6055) Boroughbridge 1.0 km View
C421 Easingwold North Roundabout (A19) Easingwold South Roundabout (A19) 5.0 km View
C422 Quarry Moor, Ripon (A61) North Road, Ripon (A6108) 3.9 km View
C423 Studley Road, Ripon (B6265) Ripon Cathedral (B6265) 1.4 km View
C424 Hunmanby Moor Roundabout (A165) Speeth Gate (B1229) 2.6 km View 

North Yorkshire Council
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