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Novar Toll

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Novar Toll
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Skiach, Alness
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B817, B9176
Junctions related to the B9176
Junctions related to the B817

Novar Toll is is the old junction at the bottom of the Struie Hill. Until the A9 Bypass route was built past Evanton and Alness it was a simple T Junction lying on the north side of the railway line. However, with the construction of the bypass, it became a much busier junction which has been rebuilt as a staggered crossroads. The new piece of the B9176 comes up from the A9 to the south and crosses over the railway. Before dropping back down to ground level, the western arm of the B817 comes in from Evanton at a realigned T junction, and then a short distance further north the eastern arm turns off, heading into Alness. This junction is also ramped up to meet the B9176 at a new T junction. Both arms of the B817 have segregated turning lanes for both ingoing and outgoing traffic, however, there are no central right-turn lanes on the B9176, which can be a problem at peak times.

Some of the original layout can still be traced. From the Evanton side, the old A9 runs past the houses and then can be seen as a grassy area on the right between the trees below the new junction. On the Alness side, the old road survives much more clearly as a property access. The actual junction in theory gave priority to the A9 route throughout. However, the OS repeatedly mapped it with the implication that priortity was given to traffic heading north over the Struie (now the B9176, then the A836). This actually makes some sense, as before the Dornoch Firth Bridge was built, the route over Struie Hill was a significant saving over the A9 route through Tain. Apart from the steep hills and tight bends being difficult for lorries, it was shorter and avoided three town centres.


Route To Notes


Ardross, Bonar Bridge, Lairg (A836)


Inverness, Thurso (A9)





Novar Toll
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