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OS Mapping

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The Ordnance Survey came into existence because of the Government of 1791 recognised a need to map the south coast in preparation for a French Invasion following the French Revolution. However, it was not until 1801 that the first map was published - of Kent! Read more on The OS Website.

List of Maps

A list of the changes to Ordnance Survey of Great Britain mapping from 1801 to present.

Year From Year To Map Name Scale Notes
1801 18?? One Inch 1st Edition 1:63,360 This series pre-dates Classification
1903 1931 One Inch 3rd Edition 1:63,360 This series pre-dates Classification
1911 1911 2 Miles to inch 1:123,720 This series pre-dates Classification, Example seen from 1911
1919 1940 One Inch Popular Edition 1:63,360 Never included road numbers, but from 1934 A roads were shown in red
1923 1936 Ministry of Transport Road Map 1:123,720 The first maps to show Classification. Based on reduced 3rd Edition mapping from the early 20th century with classified roads as an overlay.
1931 1940 One Inch 5th Edition 1:63,360 Included road numbers from the start, but was never completed (sheets 1-92 were not published, nor were the sheets of South Wales and east Kent)
1932 1964 Ten-Mile Road Map of Great Britain 1:625,000 Based on other mapping with classified roads shown as an overlay.
1944 1961 One Inch 6th Edition 1:63,360 Marketed as the New Popular Edition
1952 1976 One Inch 7th Series 1:63,360 This was the last version of the one inch mapping. Net backed maps were phased out in circa 1963 and a more modern cover introduced in 1968.
1952 c1996 One Inch Touring Maps 1:63,360 These One Inch maps lasted much longer than the main series. Like the main series, net backed maps were phased out circa 1963 and a more modern cover introduced in 1965. Also unlike the main series, these had pictures on them, replaced by photographs in 1984 & replaced by the touring series in c1996
1964 2009 Route Planning Map 1:625,000 Replacement for the Ten Mile Road Map series
1974 1979 1:50000 Series 1:50,000 This was the first version of 1:50000 mapping though maps 176 & 177 have always been in second series style.
1979 present Landranger Series 1:50,000 This is the current spec of Ordnance Survey mapping Pictures were added to the covers in 1984 and first Series 1:50000 style was phased out in 1990 with the update of Map 26.
1974 2003 Pathfinder 1:25,000 This was the main spec 1:25000 series of Ordnance Survey mapping. Replaced with the Explorer Series.
1974 2002 Outdoor Leisure Series 1:25,000 This was merged into the Explorer series
1994 present Explorer 1:25,000 This is the current spec of 1:25000 Ordnance Survey mapping
1945 1977 Quarter Inch Map 1:250,000 17 Sheets for GB coverage. This was the precursor of the Travelmaster maps
1977 2001 Travelmaster 1:250,000 This was a larger scale maps for long distance journeys. rebranded in 2002 to OS Road Map.
2002 present Road Map 1:250,000 This is the re-branded Travelmaster series. Now numbered 8 maps. There was a hiatus in printing between 2010 and 2016, as it was electronically released as OpenData.
2002 2010 Route Map 1:625,000 This is the former map 1 of the Travelmaster series, and can trace its lineage back to the Ten-Mile Road Map of Great Britain.
c1996 Present Touring Map/Tour 1:250,000 This is the replacement of the old one-inch touring maps.
2010 present Miniscale N/A OpenData only mapping, designed to show large areas in simple form, and of a similar idea to the earlier Route Planning Map.
2017 2017 Great Britain 1:550,000 Paper map replacement for the 1:625,000 series that started with the Route Planning Map. Only one edition produced by mid-2020.

Map Symbols

Main Article: OS Map Symbols

OS Mapping
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