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Pease Pottage Interchange

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Pease Pottage Interchange
Location Map ( geo)
Junction 11, A23 - M23 - Geograph - 2824025.jpg
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Broadfield, Crawley
Highway Authority
Highways England
Junction Type
Roundabout Interchange with Traffic Lights
Roads Joined
M23, A23, A264, C49 (West Sussex), (B2114)

The Pease Pottage Interchange is a junction between the M23, A23 and A264. It is also the southern terminus, junction 11, of the M23, which becomes the primary A23 at this point.


A standard roundabout interchange which has been fully signalised. Three-Four Lanes wide on the gyratory with 2 lanes on the bridges. There is no hard shoulder northbound through the junction. Pedestrians are prohibited from using the junction, forcing those wanting to cross the M23 to use Horsham Road to the south, however there are no prohibitions against cyclists.



Before the coming of the M23, the A23 ran through what is now the north-west curve of the roundabout without any sort of junction. This junction is original to the M23, though the A264 came later. Originally there was a lane drop through the junction, as the A23 south of here was only two lanes while the M23 was three.

early 1990s

The third lane was added when the A23 to the south was widened in the 1990s, but has left the northbound onslip with a short merge with no hard shoulder.

late 1990s

The A264 did not originally join at this junction, having formerly run through Crawley on what is now the A2220. The new road was built in the 1990s with only minor changes to the roundabout.


The junction was partially signalised in 2008. Both slip roads off the main route (M23 to the north and A23 to the south) terminated on the roundabout with traffic signals, with traffic signals on the roundabout


Works took place in 2019 to 2020 (completed end of May 2020) to signalize the whole gyratory as well as widen most of the approaches to the gyratory. This was funded as part of the A106 agreement with the housing developers building a new 600 home estate adjacent to the junction. Brighton Road (local road) was also dualed for a short section between J11 & Pease Pottage Services. Before the roundabout was entirely 2 lanes wide, now it is 3/4 lanes on the majority of the gyratory, except the bridges where it is still only 2 lanes due to the structures.


Route To Notes


London, Gatwick Airport, (M25) E.Grinstead (A264)


Brighton Brighton Road


Horsham, Broadfield Crawley South Western Bypass


Crawley, Pelham Court Business Centre, Broadfield Park Business Centre, Broadfield Stadium Brighton Road


Pease Pottage, Services Brighton Road, Leads to the (B2114), which some sources say reaches this interchange

Strip Maps

Current Layout

Pease Pottage Interchange
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