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Perry Court Interchange

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Perry Court Interchange
Location Map ( geo)
The A251 Ashford Road over the M2 Motorway.jpg
The A251 overbridge.
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Perry Court, Faversham, Kent
Highway Authority
National Highways
Junction Type
Roads Joined
M2, A251
Junctions related to the A251

Perry Court Interchange forms Junction 6 of the M2 and it is the penultimate junction of the M2. It is also the lowest standard junction on the motorway. Used for the A251, to reach Faversham or Ashford, and probably the quietest of the junctions of the M2. The Merrals Shaw Interchange used to be exactly the same as this one. However, unlike that junction, this one has houses right by the interchange; some of these are on land encircled by the A251, M2, and the Londonbound slip roads. It is the only junction on the M2 that does not have main road lighting.


Route To Notes


London, M25, Medway (A2)


Canterbury, Margate (A299), Channel Tunnel, Dover (A2)






London Provisional number for M2


Dover, Canterbury, Ramsgate Provisional number for M2

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Perry Court Interchange
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M2 Motorway to Sittingbourne - Geograph - 1369845.jpgThe A251 Ashford Road over the M2 Motorway.jpg
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