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Protected Road

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Protected Road
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Special Road • Roads Act 1993

A Protected Road is a road type within the the Republic of Ireland which is set out in s.45 of the Roads Act 1993 and is similar to a non-motorway Special Road in the UK. Such roads are restricted either to specific types of traffic or classes of vehicle and makes it an offence to use the road outside the accordance of these. However, unlike Special Roads, a Protected Road is a separate designation of road from an Irish Motorway which itself is defined in the Act. One of the key distinctions between the default prohibition of pedestrians from using the motorway.

Protected Roads, like Irish Motorways, are also subject to s.46 of the Roads Act 1993 which prevents new accesses being created onto the road without specific instruments being used under s.49 of the Roads Act, which prevents simple planning consent being used to create the access. s.46 also gives the power for any accesses created illegally to be removed.

Currently, the final stretch of the proposed M28/N28 from Cork to Ringaskiddy providing access to the port is proposed to be designated a Protected Road.


Irish Statue Book

Protected Road
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