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Queen Square (Bristol)

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Queen Square
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The A4 ploughing through Queen Square with all the grace and charm of a 14 ton elephant
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From:  Redcliffe Way
To:  Broad Quay
Bristol city centre
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This article is about the junction called Queen Square in Bristol.
For other junctions called Queen or Queen's Square, see Queens Square
Round here was once a dual carriageway

Queen Square is a square in Bristol, built in the early 18th century and completed in 1727.

In 1937, it became notorious for having part of the A4 constructed along the diagonal from southeast to northwest, bypassing the original route between Temple Meads and St Augustine's via upgraded dual carriageway. The road allowed traffic to get across the city centre more easily, but was strongly criticised for destroying an historic square and making it little more than a verge on either side of the road.

After the war the road became part of the Bristol Inner Circuit Road, in conjunction with the A4044 which ran around the east side of the city centre. Depending on which direction you were heading, the road across Queens Square could also now be signed as the A38, running in a multiplex with the A4. Signage certainly changed over the years, and some people considered the whole ring to be the A4044, although it is not clear whether this was ever the case.

In 1992, after numerous complaints, the road was stopped up and traffic diverted elsewhere. In the early 2000s, the square was restored and now resembles its appearance in the 18th century, showing no indication it was part of a major through route.

Queen Square (Bristol)
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