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Ramsay Brow

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Ramsay Brow
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Highway Authority
National Highways
Junction Type
Controlled T Junction
Roads Joined
A66, A596
Junctions related to the A596

Ramsay Brow is the western terminus of the A66 in Workington. It meets the A596 at a signalised T junction, from which the A596 runs south to Lillyhall and Whitehaven (via the A595) and north to Maryport and Carlisle (via the A595). From here, the A66 heads east towards Cockermouth and Keswick. A length limit of 55' 0" is in force on the A66 due to the tight turns required to negotiate the junction.


In 1922 upon the classification of roads, this junction was the meeting point of the A596 and A597. However, the junction was not the T junction we see today, instead it was a crossroads. At this time, the A596 still followed the same route as it does at present. The A597 crossed it, going down Pow Street to the west and up Ramsey Brow to the east.

Looking up Ramsey Brow from the junction

In the late 1960s, the A66 was extended across Cumberland from Penrith, with its route taking that of the A597 between Bridgefoot and Workington. The A66 terminated at Ramsey Brow, meaning that the junction was now a crossroads between the A66, A596 and A597, which continued its route into the town centre.

In 1988, the A597 was rerouted along a new western bypass of Workington and over Northside Bridge to meet the A596 at Northside Roundabout. Following this, Pow Street to the west of Ramsey Brow junction became unclassified.

In the mid 2000s, Workington town centre underwent some major redevelopment. Part of this involved the pedestrianisation of Pow Street, meaning that this arm of the crossroads became closed off, resulting in the T junction that exists today.


Route To Notes


Keswick, Cockermouth


Carlisle (A595), Maryport


Whitehaven (A595), Town Centre, Station, Carlisle, Maryport Avoiding Low Bridge


Keswick, Cockermouth


Town Centre, Station via Pow Street

Ramsay Brow
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