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Ramsey Swing Bridge

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Ramsey Swing Bridge
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Ramsey Harbour
Isle of Man
Highway Authority
Isle of Man
Opening Date
Additional Information
Bridge Type:  Swing Bridge
Engineer:  Cleveland Bridge Company
Looking south across the bridge

The Ramsey Swing Bridge carries an unclassified road across the harbour in Ramsey. It is subject to a 2T weight limit, but during the TT races, it is the only connection between the north of the island and anywhere south of the A3, as the TT Circuit uses the A3 which otherwise crosses from coast to coast. The bridge was built in 1892 and is formed of a single arched truss structure (with a truss either side of the roadway) which pivots in the centre, on the north bank of the harbour. The shape of the harbour and the swing of the bridge means that the span which normally crosses water swings around into the inner harbour, while the tail stays over a beach area until the bridge is almost fully open. Wooden structures stand in the water to mark the fully open position.

In addition to the main swing bridge, there is a length viaduct section stretching across the shore on the north side of the main channel. At high tide this crosses water, but most of the time it is a beach area. This structure is contemporary with the swing bridge and is formed of metal beams carrying the deck, supported by paired legs. The bridge carries a single lane of traffic, and so is normally one way northbound, away from the town centre. However, this is presumably replaced with temporary traffic light operation when the other roads are closed for the racing. There is a pavement on the downstream side, and metal railings act as parapets on both sides.

Ramsey Swing Bridge
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