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Regulatory Sign/Give Priority

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Give Priority
West Stockwith Bridge.jpg
Give way to oncoming vehicles
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TSRGD ref : 615
From : 1980s?
To : present

The give way to oncoming vehicles sign is a relatively new design, primarily used at points where roads which are generally wide enough for two-way traffic are briefly restricted to a single track. In the past, general driving courtesy seems to have prevailed at such locations, but nowadays it is seen as desirable to precisely sign the priority. They can be seen at narrow bridges, pinch points where old buildings project or overhang, and other similar sites.

Traffic calming, (original) Watling Street - Geograph - 1231580.jpg

Of course, much of this may have been precipitated by the rash of traffic calming schemes that sprang up in the 1990s. One common design was to create a false pinch point by inserting a traffic island into one carriageway and forcing traffic to giveway to the clear side of the road. They were often paired in such a way that traffic could escape the central zone.

The sign itself features two arrows within a red circle. A small red arrow on the left pointing upwards, or forwards, and a larger black arrow on the right pointing down to indicate oncoming traffic has priority. It may be, and usually is, accompanied by a plate bearing the words Give way to oncoming vehicles and is normally paired with a Priority sign facing the other way.

Pre-Worboys sign

There was no standard equivalent of this sign in the pre-Worboys era.

Irish sign

There does not appear to be an Irish equivalent at present.

Regulatory Sign/Give Priority
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