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Regulatory Sign/No Entry

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No Entry
The modern No Entry sign
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TSRGD ref : 616
From : 1920s
To : present
Illumination : Often internal or external

Pre-Worboys sign

Pre-Worboys No Entry, Kenton, painted - Coppermine - 22292.JPG

The most common pre-Worboys No Entry sign will seem very familiar to people today. The biggest single change is that the 'No Entry' text across the white band has been removed, but a surprising number of these pre-Worboys signs survive with the text simply painted white!

An alternative sign was a simple white plate with No Entry on two separate lines. Most commonly found at the entrance to car parks and private grounds, it was nevertheless occasionally used on public roads too.

Worboys Report sign

Old A38 - Coppermine - 22578.jpg

The 'new' sign that came into effect following the Worboys Report was essentially just a re-worked version of the old design. The only real difference was that the text 'No Entry' was removed from the white bar across the centre of the sign, leaving a red disc with a white horizontal bar across the middle.

There are, however, still a vast array of unofficial No Entry signs in use. A few are even on public highways, but most are found in car parks, private access roads (eg Supermarkets, Hospitals, Motorway Services etc) or other similar sites. Some retain the pre-Worboys text across the middle, others are the simpler white plates with 'No Entry' printed on them. These are often found at petrol stations and are normally paired with 'Exit' across the other side, with a matching pair of 'Entry' and 'No Exit' at the other end.

One particularly novel adaptation seen is a red ring, enclosing a white disc with a red stripe across the middle and the words 'No Entry' printed in white across it. Above the stripe a face-on silhouette of a car is displayed, so presumably the message is that the access is only no entry for cars?

The standard No Entry roundel can also be seen on Advance Direction Signs, to give drivers an advance warning of the no entry at a junction. It is generally only used, however, where a No Right or Left Turn sign would be misleading.

Irish sign

Irish "no-entry" sign - Coppermine - 2636.JPG

The meaning of the no-entry sign which was standard in Ireland until 2010 (as pictured left) was perhaps easier to understand intuitively: the crossed-out upward-pointing arrow standing for a ban on movement ahead. However, it is now being replaced as an indication of an absolute ban on entry by the more 'international' white-bar-on-a-red-disc sign as used in the UK as well as in most other parts of the world. The old sign is being retained for those circumstances in which movement ahead is prohibited, but with certain exceptions (for instance, 'except buses') or limitations (e.g. 'Mon-Fri 9.30-16.00') – as indicated on a supplementary plate below the main sign.

Regulatory Sign/No Entry
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