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Regulatory Sign/No Turn

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No Turn
A6078 Bridge Replacement - Coppermine - 9702.jpg
The modern No Right Turn sign
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TSRGD ref : 612, 613, 614
From : 1920s
To : present
Common Plates : in x yds, Except for access, Except [class of vehicle]

Pre-Worboys Sign

InCollage 20210426 213636395.jpg

The first "NO LEFT/RIGHT TURN" signs were introduced in 1934 when the "1934 Road Traffic Acts and Regulations" came in force. Early designs showed the wording in white capital letters on a red background.

The design was modified in 1944 when the inscription was turned from white to black and the background from red to white. A red disc surmounting the sign became mandatory.

The TSRGD 1957 kept the 1944 version except for a minor change in font and letter size.

Worboys Report Sign

M96 07.jpg

Any difficulties with the old signs were wiped away with the new signs, where specific 'No _ Turn' signs were created. These feature a black line showing the banned manoeuvre with a red diagonal strike inside a red circle. The black lines can depict a left turn, right turn, or full U-turn. As can be seen, the black lines on the signs start and finish with triangles to depict the flow of traffic.

The No Left and Right Turn signs are common in urban areas where advance warning of a one-way street / No Entry is desirable. The No U Turn sign is common on dualled routes where central gaps for turning traffic may be provided, but U turns are not allowed.

Incorporation Into Other Signs and Signals

Drawing Example of a Signal Head.png
ADS Example.png

The turn signs may be incorporated into Traffic Signals and signs, to designate when a route may not be accessed, due to a prohibited turn.

Republic of Ireland

Peek Elite traffic lights, Tallaght South Dublin - Coppermine - 21090.jpg

Irish No Turn signs (RUS 012 No Right Turn and RUS 013 No Left Turn) are similar to those used in the UK, except that the arrows are sharply right-angled and have barbed heads – and the orientation of the strike-through bar is different. However, as can be seen in the image (left), the UK design still finds its way onto traffic-light units.

Regulatory Sign/No Turn
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