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Renfrew-Yoker Ferry

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Renfrew-Yoker Ferry
Location Map ( geo)
Renfrew Ferry at Yoker Slipway, Glasgow - Geograph - 4135893.jpg
The ferry in 2014
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From:  Renfrew
To:  Yoker
Distance:  0.2 km (0.1 miles)
Opening Date
c. 1500s
Current Operator
£1.60 (Adult Passengers)
On road(s)

The Renfrew-Yoker Ferry (known locally as just "The Renfrew Ferry") is one of Scotland's oldest crossings. Now once again a pedestrian only service, it was a car ferry from the 1950s until 1984, at which time the chain hauled ferries were retired and replaced by much smaller craft.

Between 1968 and 2010, it was run by the Greater Glasgow PTE and its successors. In 2010, SPT transferred the service to Clydelink.

In March 2021, a contract to build a twin-leaf swing bridge for use by vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists was awarded by Renfrewshire Council to the civil engineering firm Graham[1] .

Vessels Through The Years

Since the second half of the 20th Century, various different vessels and types of vessel have served the route.

Chain Hauled

One of the chain hauled ferries on the north slip at Yoker in 1978

The chain hauled ferries were a regular and distinctive sight on the clyde from the 1950s until the last one, serving the Renfrew-Yoker service, was retired in May 1984.

These diesel powered vessels hauled their way across the Clyde by means of two static, parallel chains which ran through a series of gears on each side of the ferry. Each vessel could carry around 15 cars.

The chains can be seen in the adjacent photo, which was taken from a large passing ship.

Former Renfrew Ferry, now a music venue

One of the old chain hauled ferries has been operating as a nightclub and music venue in the centre of Glasgow for several years. Originally berthed at Windmillcroft Quay, it moved to the nearby Anderson Quay in 2005 and has been moored there ever since.


MV Renfrew Rose at the Yoker slip in January 2008

From 1984 until 2010, SPT (Strathclyde Partnership for Transport) operated two passenger-only boats, named MV Renfrew Rose and MV Yoker Swan. Although described as passenger only, these vessels were ramped at the bow and were capable of carrying an emergency vehicle, such as an ambulance.

Both vessels were sold to an Irish company and operated on the Arranmore ferry service. Renfrew Rose was sold again in 2016 and is now back in Scotland operating as a ferry between Cromarty and Nigg.

Passenger Only

One of the two Clydelink vessels at the Yoker slip

The service was threatened with closure in 2010, but a deal was made with an Argyll company, Silvers Marine, who now operate the service under their Clydelink brand.

The two Clydelink vessels are truly passenger (and bicycle) only, carrying a maximum of 12 passengers each.


Name IMO Operator Dates Notes
Island Trader Clydelink 2010-date
Clydelink 2010-date
Renfrew Rose Strathclyde Partnership for Transport 1984-2010 Moved to operate Arranmore Island ferry, moved to Nigg - Cromarty in 2016
Yoker Swan Strathclyde Partnership for Transport 1984-2010 Moved to operate Arranmore Island ferry



Renfrew-Yoker Ferry
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