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Revo Lighting

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Revo Lighting
Revo Prefect on a large curved bracket - Coppermine - 10674.jpg
A Revo Prefect, mounted on a telegraph pole
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Years Manufactured:  1950s - 1970s
Models:  Prefect, Hyperion, C14404, Lucidor

Revo were a major manufacturer of electrical goods, including street lights, based in Tipton, in the Black Country, Staffordshire.

One of their significant policies is that they allowed lighting engineers to design their own variations on Revo products. Consequently, a variety of different designs can be found over the country, with variations in lanterns, bracket and columns.

The company was absorbed into its parent, Duport, in the 1970s. Today, very few Revo lights remain, but they are fondly remembered by collectors as a mainstay of British industry.


History of Revo lights

Revo Lighting
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