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Rivers of SE England

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The following is a list of waterways in South East England (loosely, the counties of Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Hampshire, Kent, Middlesex, Oxfordshire, Surrey, and Sussex) and of their respective road crossings by bridge, tunnel, and/or ferry.

Portsmouth and Chichester Harbours

A series of large natural harbours on the South Coast. There is a substantial naval presence in Portsmouth.

River Adur

The River Adur rises as the East and the West Adur at Ditchling Common (East Sussex) and Slinfold. The two branches join at Henfold at proceed through a gap in the South Downs to the sea at Shoreham-by-Sea.

River Arun

The River Arun is a river in Sussex. Its source is in the St Leonard's Forest area, to the east of Horsham. It flows through Horsham and Arundel and eventually reaches the sea at Littlehampton.

River Avon

The River Avon rises in the county of Wiltshire and flows through Hampshire before reaching Christchurch Harbour and the sea.

River Cherwell

The River Cherwell rises in Northamptonshire and flows through Oxfordshire to join the Thames at Oxford.

River Great Ouse

The fourth longest river in Great Britain, the Great Ouse rises in Northamptonshire and flows through Buckingham shire, Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire before entering the Wash near King's Lynn in Norfolk. See further: Rivers of East England.

River Hamble

The River Hamble rises near Bishops Waltham and flows for some 7.5 miles to Southampton Water and thence to the sea. The Hamble is tidal for approximately half its length and is navigable in its lower reaches, which has facilitated shipbuilding activities since medieval times. Leisure craft are still built there today. The river's lower reaches are now very popular for boating, being known throughout the sailing world as The Heart of British Yachting

River Itchen

The River Itchen rises in Hampshire near Cheriton. It then flows into Southampton Water and eventually the sea. The river is well known for fly fishing.

River Kennet

The River Kennet rises in Wiltshire near Avebury. It flows through Wiltshire and Berkshire to enter the Thames near Reading.

River Loddon

The River Lodden rises near Basingstoke and flows through Hampshire and Berkshire to enter the Thames near Wargrave.

River Medway

The River Medway, which is almost entirely in Kent, flows for 70 miles (113 km) from just inside the Sussex border to the point where it enters the Thames Estuary. It has a catchment area of 930 square miles (2,409 km2), the largest in southern England after the Thames.

River Mole

The River Mole rises near Gatwick Airport then flows through Sussex and Surrey to reach the Thames near Hampton Court.

River Ouse

The Sussex Ouse rises near Lower Beeding and flows through Lewes to reach the sea at Newhaven.

River Rother

The River Rother rises near Rotherfield in Sussex and then flows through Sussex and Kent to reach the sea at Rye.

River Stour

The Stour is a river that flows through Kent to reach the English Channel at Pegwell Bay. Above Plucks Gutter, where the Little Stour joins it, the river is normally known as the Great Stour. The upper section of the river, above its confluence with the East Stour at Ashford is sometimes known as the Upper Great Stour or West Stour. In the tidal lower reaches, the artificial Stonar Cut short cuts a large loop in the natural river.

River Test

The Test is a river in Hampshire. Its source is near Ashe, 10 km to the west of Basingstoke, from where it flows to Southampton Water and thence to the sea. It is known throughout the world for the excellent quality of its fly fishing for trout. The river is managed by the Environment Agency, whilst the Port of Southampton is the navigation authority for the tidal section below Redbridge.

River Thame

The River Thame rises near Aylesbury and flows through Berkshire to join the Thames near Dorchester Oxfordshire.

River Thames

This major river rises at Thames Head in Gloucestershire and flows through Oxfordshire, and London to the sea. Above Oxford it is called the Isis. Other tributaries are dealt with separately.

River Wey

The River Wey consists of two tributaries, the North and South. The North Wey rises at Alton and the South near Haslemere and Hindhead. They join and eventually enter the Thames near Weybridge.

River Windrush

The River Windrush rises in Gloucestershire and flows through Oxfordshire to join the Thames above Oxford.

Rivers of SE England
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