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SABRE Confidence votes Working Procedures 2007-2017

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This document describes the procedures for conducting no confidence votes in elected or appointed officers.

Any officer of the Society can be the subject of a no-confidence vote. The vote is taken by the group of people responsible for electing the officer. Therefore, any no-confidence vote in any post-holder elected by the full Active Membership will be open to the full Active Membership. Where a post is approved by either the Admin Group, or any other sub-group of SABRE then the no-confidence vote shall be open to that sub-group only.

The names of the complainants should remain confidential to the President at all times.

No-confidence in Elected or Appointed Officers

A no-confidence vote is automatically triggered if the President receives formal complaints about another Elected Officer from more than 2% of the total number of Active Members, or from 5 Active Members, whichever is the larger number.

Before any no-confidence vote takes place, the President's first action is to contact the Elected Officer concerned by e-mail and inform them that complaints have been received and that a no-confidence vote is imminent. The Elected Officer will then have time, at the President's discretion, to explain their actions and provide a counter-argument to the complaints.

Votes should be sent to the President. In order to vote, the same criteria are used as for Elected Officer elections. Votes can be cast stating simply screen name, and the words CONFIDENCE or NO CONFIDENCE, as appropriate. The vote will be by a simple majority. In the event of a tie, then the casting vote shall be for CONFIDENCE.

All members who fulfil the criteria are entitled to vote, with the exception of the subject of the no-confidence vote.

One week shall be allowed for voting. The announcement of the result will be posted to the Discussion Group no later than 24 hours after the conclusion of the vote.

No debate on this issue will be allowed on any forum with the exception of the Canvassing section of SABRE Admin, and the remaining members of the management or moderating team shall be required to delete any messages regarding the no-confidence vote, other than those required postings by the President. The President will post the arguments in favour of and against the no-confidence vote, as presented in the complaints received and any response made by the Elected Officer concerned. A new thread should be used for all different votes.

If all members of a management or moderating team are subject to a no-confidence vote simultaneously, then the President may assume such powers.

Any queries regarding the process should be sent directly to the President via e-mail, and a response shall be given by e-mail, as well as on the boards should the President deem necessary.

No-confidence in the President

Confidence votes regarding the President are conducted as for other elected officers, except that the process is managed by the Site Manager.

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