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SABRE Constitution (2007-2018)

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Note: This constitution was superseded on 22 April 2018. Current version is as at 26 March 2020

1. Aims

1.1. The aims of the Society are:

1.1.1. To promote the study and appreciation of roads in the United Kingdom and Ireland - past, present and future

1.1.2. To act as a forum for the exchange of ideas and opinions held by the individual

1.1.3. To be the hub through which snippets of information can be exchanged

1.1.4. To generate a better understanding of the British and Irish road networks

1.1.5. To gain a good understanding of the history of our roads

1.2. SABRE is neither a pro-roads nor an anti-roads group. It has no formal links with motorists' organizations or the road construction industry; neither does it have associations with the environmental lobby or road protestors' groups. Individual members may of course have views on the politics of the network, and roads policy issues are debated from time to time, but SABRE is not primarily intended as a platform for those with an axe to grind.

2. Format of Constitution

2.1. This Constitution defines the principles by which the society shall be governed and managed. It is supported by a series of working procedures which provide a code of practice for specific tasks.

2.2. Working Procedures may be amended from time to time by the Active Membership, provided sufficient time is allowed for discussion. Any member has the right to insist that an amendment to a Working Procedure is treated in the same way as an amendment to the Constitution.

2.3. In the event that there is any conflict between this Constitution and any of the procedures, then this Constitution shall take precedence.

3. Membership

3.1. Membership of the society is open to any individual with an interest in roads within the United Kingdom and / or Ireland, with the exception of those who have previously been banned from membership.

3.2. There are two categories of membership: Discussion Group Member and Active Member.

3.3. Discussion Group Membership is achieved by joining the Internet Discussion Group and is subject to the Discussion Group Membership Rules.

3.4. Discussion Group Members play no part in the running of the society.

3.5. Active Members are entitled to stand for office and participate in all votes and elections. Active Members may be appointed to the Committee, and may become an Appointed Officer.

3.6. Active Membership is open to any individual who has been a Discussion Group Member for at least 30 days.

3.7. Active Membership is obtained by contacting the Secretary. It is a requirement of Active Membership that a full name and nearest postal town is provided to the Secretary. Individuals requesting Active Membership whilst a vote or election is underway will not be eligible to stand or vote in that election.

3.8. Each individual can only hold one Active Membership of the Society.

3.9. Active Membership of the Society must be renewed once every year, prior to the Annual General Meeting and election of officers.

3.10. Membership may be suspended for a period of up to two weeks provided at least two elected officers of the society agree. These shall usually be members of the site management team.

3.11. Membership may be terminated at any time by the individual member or as a result of a vote of the membership in favour of a ban.

3.12. Any member who operates sock puppets without prior approval of the SMT is liable to an instant ban.

3.13. Procedures for elections and other votes are as defined in the working procedures.

4. Management of Society

4.1. The Society is led by a President elected annually for a one year non-renewable term. The President is not permitted to stand for or to hold any other elected office. Candidates for President must not stand for any other elected post, although they may be appointed to non-elected posts.

4.2. The Site Management Team is responsible for moderation decisions on all online facilities of SABRE. It comprises the Site Manager and up to three Assistant Site Managers.

4.3. The Site Management Team is elected annually. The Site Manager is elected prior to the Assistant Site Managers.

4.4. The Treasurer is elected in the event of the incumbent Treasurer resigning or losing a Vote of No Confidence. Candidates for Treasurer must have been a member of the society for at least one year prior to their election and they must have attended at least one real world event.

4.6. Within two weeks of the AGM, and at any other appropriate times, the President will give a week's notice for nominations of Appointed Officers to undertake roles that may be required from time to time. In the event of two or more objections any appointment, a vote of the membership shall take place to confirm the appointment.

4.7. In the event of five or more complaints to the President about an elected or appointed officer, a vote of confidence shall be held. If the complaints are about the President, then they should be directed to the Site Manager.

4.8. The roles and responsibilities for all elected and appointed officers are as defined in the Working Procedures.

4.9. In the event of an elected officer becoming absent, the President may give notice of a member of the Committee to temporarily cover the Elected Officer's duties for a period up to four weeks. In the event of two or more objections, a vote of the membership shall take place to confirm the appointment.

4.9.1 In the event of the President resigning, a by-election should be held, unless the President has been in place for at least 10 months, then a by-election need not take place, and the Secretary can assume responsibility until the AGM.

4.9.2 In the event of member of the Site Management Team resigning, a by-election should be held, unless the member has been in place for at least 10 months, then a by-election need not take place, and the remaining members of the Site Management team can assume responsibility until the AGM.

5. Committee

5.1. The committee 's role is to:

5.1.1. Act as a point of reference for elected officers;

5.1.2. Provide a forum for discussion of sensitive items that should not be posted to a public forum.

5.2. The Committee may require an elected officer to provide an explanation for a decision taken by them in the event that the elected officer acts outside the powers determined by the appropriate Working Procedure.

5.3. The Committee may overturn the decision of an elected officer.

5.4. The committee comprises the following:

5.4.1. All elected and appointed officers

5.4.2. All persons who held an elected officer position prior to the previous annual general meeting.

5.4.3. Three Active Members who are not elected officers, elected at the AGM for a one year term. Elections for the Site Management Team shall be counted before Committee Member elections.

6. Amendments to the Constitution

6.1. This Constitution may only be amended by formal vote of the Active Membership.

6.2. The President shall consider amendments which are supported by at least 10 members.

6.3. The President shall allow at least two weeks for discussion of any proposed amendment on the message boards;

6.4. During this discussion period, alternative amendments may be submitted. The President may allow up to an additional two weeks for discussion if additional amendments are submitted.

6.5. In any vote to amend the Constitution, amendments are to be listed in the order they were submitted to the President. The final option in any vote shall be no change.

7. Departures from the Constitution or Working Procedures

7.1 In unforeseen cases where it is felt that a departure from the Constitution or Working Procedures would be justified and beneficial to the Society, this may be approved by conducting an online poll of Active Members of SABRE.

7.2 First of all, an announcement, visible to all members, must be posted by the first filled position of: the President; the Secretary; the Site Manager; any Assistant Site Manager; any Committee member. It should set out which part of the Constitution or Working Procedures needs overlooking and why, and should detail the alternative proposal.

7.3 After a period of at least 48 hours has passed to allow for discussion, the post shall be made into a poll, which invites Active Members to agree or disagree with the proposed departure.

7.4 The poll shall have a fixed duration of 24 hours, and a two thirds majority of "yes" votes is required for the departure to be carried out.

7.5 Such departures from the Constitution, where approved, do not set automatic precedents for future cases.

See also

The following Working Procedures supported the above Constitution:

This was preceded by the original constitution (last updated 2004)

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