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These links are to other websites you may find of interest - other international road sites, discussion groups or road-related articles. If you're looking for websites dedicated to the UK road network, take a look at the list of SABRE Member Sites.

SABRE is officially neutral on issues relating to transport and road safety policy and the inclusion of a website on this page does not imply any endorsement by SABRE.

UK Road Network

International Roads

  • Irish Roads - information and trivia about the main routes in the Republic of Ireland, plus a summary of the road network in Northern Ireland
  • Forum SARA - Le forum des Sites Amoureux des Routes et Autoroutes (and all other forms of transport): the French equivalent of SABRE (in French, of course)
  • WikiSara - SARA's equivalent of the SABRE Wiki (with sections also covering Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, and Quebec)
  • Historic California US Highways - a tour of the roads that used to traverse the Golden State
  • Kurumi - American site with a roadsign simulator and interchange dictionary
  • Roundabout Safety in America - spot the reversed pictures!
  • Autobahn Online - a German site with lots of statistics about their network
  • Verkehrs-Notizen - German site with interesting picture tours of roads in Austria and the USA
  • Which side of the road do they drive on? - fascinating site detailing which side of the road every country drives on. Those who believe the UK is a rare anomaly may be surprised to learn that about a third of the world's population drives on the left.
  • Monterie - fantastic website on the world's different road numbering systems
  • The Roads of Israel - a website devoted to information about the Israeli road system, classification, and history
  • M1's Roads Photos - collection of pictures of modern roads in China
  • Motorway Signs - a collection of photos from around the world
  • Motorway Exit Lists - currently under construction with lists of motorways in most countries
  • Ozroads - The largest Australian website devoted to Australian highways and route numbering
  • AARoads Forum - USA roads site, a US equivalent of SABRE
  • Wegenforum - "The forum for roads and transport": the Dutch equivalent of SABRE (in Dutch, natuurlijk)
  • Wegenwiki - Wegenforum's equivalent of the SABRE Wiki (covering the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, and further afield)

Street Furniture

Miscellaneous Road Links

Mapping and Route-Planning Websites

Campaigning Sites

  • The Alliance of British Drivers - campaigns for a fair deal for UK motorists
  • City Transport - looking at pro-choice perspectives on urban transport
  • Travel Tax - the campaign against the government plans for nationwide vehicle tracking and road charging, which was supported by over 1.8 million people in a Downing Street petition
  • PepiPoo - "helping the motorist to get justice": offers advice on how to defend motoring prosecutions
  • National Alliance Against Tolls - campaigns against all existing and planned tolls, "road pricing" and "congestion charging"
  • SpeedLIMIT - focuses on issues relating to driving and road safety, with particular reference to the North West of England, maintained by SABRE member Peter Edwardson
  • Campaign for Better Transport - formerly Transport 2000, proposing a more "sustainable" future of transport through greater public transport provision

SABRE Members' sites (not in the Portal)

Other Transport Links

Miscellaneous Links

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