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SABRE Maps/Coverage projects

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Coverage projects
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SABRE Maps keeps track of the maps contained upon it as the pipelines of maps not yet released within what we call Coverage Projects.

Within them is kept specific information around the map types, such as how they can be dated, as well as tables showing the current coverage of that map type.

How can I contribute?

Do one, more or all of the below!

  • Perhaps you have a large map collection already, that you'll be willing to give to us (either permanently or on loan) so that they can be scanned and added to SABRE Maps.
  • You might like to scan maps yourself. Most maps can be done in eight scans on an A3 scanner (four corners and two middles), or a few more scans on an A4 scanner. Just remember to leave a large overlap between the scans so we can stitch them back together, and scan between 300 and 600dpi
  • You might wish to involved in stitching the map together, or in georeferencing your maps, or those donated by other people or organisations.
  • Or you might be a web developer, and be willing to donate your time and expertise.
  • And finally, we have a donations page available to help with the costs of running SABRE Maps, as well as the rest of SABRE.

Which Coverage Projects are there currently?

There are projects for the largest parts of SABRE Maps:

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