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SABRE Portal Working Procedures 2007-2017

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Any member of SABRE can apply for a website they run to join as a SABRE member site. Sites can also be nominated to the SMT by members of SABRE.

All member sites should complement the Aims of the Society. The SMT shall contact each site that is nominated, establish whether it wishes to join, and confirm that it is willing to abide by the Aims of SABRE.

The SMT then posts details of the application to the Admin board and allows 7 days for objections. If a consensus cannot be reached, then the application will be rejected.

Where no objections are submitted within 48 hours the SMT may at their discretion provisionally admit the site. Members may still object to inclusion of the site until expiry of the original 7 day deadline. Should 3 or more objections be lodged the site will be removed from the portal pending a final decision at the end of the 7 day period.

If an application is rejected, then feedback will be given to the site owner.

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