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SABRE Privacy Statement and Subject Access Request policy

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SABRE Privacy Statement

SABRE only uses the information you provide to us for legitimate interest as defined by the Information Commissioner's Office.

We do not disclose the information we hold about you to third parties without your permission or unless lawfully required to do so. The only members of the Society who may be granted access to any of your information are listed on the Management page of this website, and this access is strictly limited to the extent required to carry out their official functions.

You are required to give your email address as part of your registration. We only use this for Society business and the administration of this website.

If you become a Voting Member, you will be required to give your real name and nearest town. These are required for Society business, including verification of your identity at Society meetings, and in connection with any matters arising in the event of the dissolution of the Society.

You may complete any other part of your profile that you wish to be displayed to other users.

If you ask for your membership to be terminated, we will not contact you any further or make any further use of the information we hold about you. However, we will retain a record of your past membership so no other person may attempt to impersonate you.

By clicking OK and continuing with your registration {as a Voting Member} or to use this site you agree to us using your information in this way.

Subject Access Requests

It is SABRE policy to respond to Subject Access Requests quickly. While we have a month to gather the information in all cases, we will provide the information sooner if at all possible.

Schedule of fees

Basic subject access request: FREE

  • Username
  • Current email address held
  • Number of forum posts
  • Any other information held on your public profile
  • Any user notes made by the system or by Administrators (profile changes, activations, password changes and administrative actions)
  • If you are a Voting Member, the real name and post town you gave when you applied

Enhanced Subject Access Request: £20

  • List of IP addresses used

Normally Subject Access Requests should be free, but most users will have used dozens or even hundreds of IP addresses at home, at work, and on mobile data networks. The fee stated is imposed due to the excessive administrative burden of extracting IP addresses from the database and compiling them into a readable format.

Posts made on the forum

Posts you make on the forum are termed "User-generated content" and are not subject to GDPR. However, we can offer a full SQL dump of your own posts for £50. We cannot convert this to an alternative format.

Any other queries

Please use the Contact form to state your requirements, and we will reply with a quotation which must be paid before we can assemble the information requested. This will be charged at £50 per hour or part of an hour, with a minimum fee of at least £100.

Where a fee is payable, a quotation will be provided, and the user will be asked to pay before the information is generated

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