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SABRE SMT Working Procedures 2007-2017

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The Site Management Team is responsible for the day-to-day running of the SABRE forums. Individual roles are to be agreed between team members, but it is assumed that the Site Manager will take a greater share of responsibility than the Assistant Site Managers.

The Site Management Team's duties may include:

  • Modifying the structure of the forums in consultation with the committee and the wider membership.
  • Approval of new Discussion Group Memberships, if such approval is deemed necessary. Such arrangements must be reviewed on the election of a new Site Management Team, and approved by the Committee.
  • Responding to member queries, referring them to other officers if appropriate.
  • Keeping the front page up to date, and run the Photo of the Month competition.

The Site Management Team may, as they judge appropriate, split topics, move topics between forums and edit individual posts. Examples of possible reasons for editing posts include hiding long links, correcting quoting or links to images and removal of offensive language. However the Site Management Team should not normally correct spelling or grammar in the body of individual posts and should never attempt to reword posts to clarify meaning.

While the Site Management Team has the power to delete posts, this should be exercised sparingly. Examples where posts may be deleted include the removal of duplicate posts, removing posts which the original poster has asked to be deleted (although this is done at the discretion of the Site Management Team and is not a right) and deleting obvious pornography and spam. However, any posts of a questionable nature should normally be moved to a private holding area for review rather than being deleted on sight.

By unanimous agreement, the Site Management Team may cancel the accounts of new members whose posts consist mostly of spam or offensive material, and who have demonstrated little interest in discussing roads.

The Site Management Team has the discretion to act outside these guidelines. If it does so, the Site Management Team shall report its actions to the committee as soon as is reasonably practicable and in any case within 48 hours of taking action.

Under exceptional circumstances, the Site Manager has the authority to confer additional management powers on the President (e.g. if no member of the management team is available for a period).

The Site Manager is forbidden to appoint and dismiss Assistant Site Managers.

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