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SABRE Tenth Anniversary Awayday

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The SABRE Tenth Anniversary Awayday was held at the Eden Arms, Edenthorpe, Doncaster on 13 August 2011. The location was chosen in relevance to Pagan_Brad, who lived in this area (being a particular fan of the A18(M)), and originally started what is now the SABRE Roads Forums ten years earlier.

The Awayday

People arrived, looked at maps, talked about roads, ate, drank, looked at maps, talked about roads, made fun of Bryn and him eating someone else's lunch at a previous awayday, looked at maps, talked about new towns, went on a roadtrip, looked at maps, talked about roads and left.


The Roadtrip

At some point it was decided that we should go to the A18(M) and Hatfield services and many people went. First off was show-off hatching on the A18 (unless you were in Nowster's car - in which case you took the M180 option) en route to the A18(M). A good wander over the former tarmac of the deceased road took place, with some Sabristi gathering mementos, before the group went onwards to Hatfield services. Arriving at the southbound side, several members descended into the site of the unbuilt services, and, spotting a subway, proceeded to head to the northbound side. However the subway was a bit flooded at the far end, with plank walkways. Only 4 made it across without turning back, who then proceeded to explore the northbound side for some time while all the wusses waited the other side of the motorway. Some old catseyes were found, along with some M18 tarmac that was picked up by si404 in order to trump the A18(M) tarmac. After we all got back to the cars, we returned to the pub.


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