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Route Description Additional Description Notes (not part of actual list)
M1 London - Yorkshire (Leeds) Possible extension west of Leeds to Dishforth Extended east of Leeds instead
M2 London - east of Faversham
M3 London - Basingstoke motorway to become M30 Wasn't renumbered, extended to Southampton
M4 London - South Wales
M5 Birmingham - Bristol - Exeter
M6 "Catthorpe - Birmingham - Preston - Carlise"
M10 St Alban's Spur Downgraded to A414 01-04-08
M11 London - Cambridge
M18 Rotherham - Goole Motorway
M20 Mid Kent motorway URPB 45'1'013 - 30.4.69, 23.6.69, 7.8.69 (refers)
M23 London - Crawley
M25 London Orbital motorway Including former M16
M26 Wrotham Spur (Sevenoaks - Wrotham) "See GPH 45/1/011 Ax.31 Minute dated 28 Feb.1975 and previous correspondence"
M30 M3 London- Basingstoke M/way to become M30 (possible extension to Southampton) M3 extended, kept number
M32 Bristol Parkway (PR)
M40 London - Oxford - Birmingham
M41 "Temporary - Provisional title - Shepherd's Bush Link" Downgraded 01-04-2000, now A3220
M42 SE of Birmingham - Nottingham Didn't get finished at Nottingham end and ends a fair way short
M45 Dunchurch Spur
M50 Ross Motorway
M53 Mid Wirral Motorway
M54 Telford Motorway URPB 45'1'013 - 25.9.69, 28.10.69 (refers)
M55 "Preston - Blackpool (Inc Preston Northern by pass)" URPB 45'1'013 P+2 Doc 4 refers
M56 North Cheshire Motorway
M57 Liverpool outer ring road
M58 "Liverpool - Wigan (also possible extension to Bolton)" URPB 45'1'013 - 15.10.69, (refers)
M60 "Reserved for Altringham Dale by pass and Stratford by pass" URPB 45'1'013 - 15.10.69, (refers) Never built. Number reused for Manchester outer ring road
M61 Manchester - Preston motorway URPB 45'1'013 - 15.10.69, (refers)
M62 Lancashire - Yorkshire motorway
M63 "Eccles - Stretford - Sale - Stockport -Bredbury" renumbered as M60 in 2000
M65 Calder Valley motorway URPB 45'1'013 P+3 - Doc 6 refers
M66 "Bury Easterly by Pass - also Northern & eastern sections of Manchester outer ring road" Manchester outer ring road sections renumbered M60 when middle section completed in 2000.
M67 "Hyde & Denton by pass (also possible Manchester - Sheffield motorway)" URPB 45'1'013 - 15.10.69, (refers)
M68 "Temporary - reserved Manchester outer ring road (southern section to facilitate possible extension eastwards from Hazel Grove)" URPB 45'1'013 - 15.10.69, (refers) Unbuilt/renumbered.
M69 Coventry - Leicester motorway
M101 M1 extension into Leeds See M111 If the M1 diverted west of Leeds, number would have been used for former section
M111 M1 extension into Leeds See M110 If the M1 diverted west of Leeds, number would have been used for former section
M180 South Humberside Motorway Inc. Brigg by pass (A18)
M181 Brumby Common Link Road Between M180 & A18 west of Scunthorpe
M271 Nursling Spur
M272 Portswood Radial Spur Never built, now scrapped
M275 Tipner Link
M399 Used by BBC in 'Blott on The Landscape' number not to be used.
M600 No details given
M601 "Temporary - reserved for Irwell Valley motorway" URPB 45'1'013 - 15.10.69, (refers) Unbuilt
A601 "Carnforth Link Road & Quarry Link Road Carnforth, Lancs (new link from Kellet Rd B6254 - M6)" A601(M)
M602 Salford - Eccles by pass (PR)
M606 Bradford South Radial (PR) URPB 45'1'013 - 18.7.69, (refers)
M621 Gildersome - Leeds motorway since been extended over former M1 in Leeds
M650 Airdale motorway (Shipley - Kildwick) Unbuilt

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