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All done. -> got from searches for numbers (maxes out at 100, so 'C1' only gives you the first 100 roads with 'C1' somewhere in their entry, making C1 impossible to find)

Cx (done)

C1 (Hertfordshire) - done

  • C1/10 - B1368 To Derestriction Signs
  • C1/15 - Derestriction Signs To Junc C4
  • C1/18 - Whiteley Hill to Wireless Station access road
  • C1/20 - The Joint
  • C1/31 - Reed End
  • C1/33 - 5U13 Dane End to Meadow Way
  • C1/35 - 30mph Signs To Rooks Nest Ln
  • C1/40 - Hay Green
  • C1/50 - Hay Green Plate To Police Row Plate
  • C1/60 - Police Row Plate To The Causeway Plate
  • C1/65 - Causeway Plate To Police Row Plate (past Fox And Duck)
  • C1/70 - The Causeway Plate At Chapel To Derestriction Sign
  • C1/80 - Derestriction Signs To Greys
  • C1/90 - Greys To C165 (old A505)

C1 Haywood Lane Therfield (5U13 Dane End to Meadow Way; 30mph Signs To Rooks Nest Ln)

C2 (Hertfordshire) - done

C2 Kelshall Tops Therfield
C2 Therfield Road Odsey

C3 (Hertfordshire) - done

C3 Haywood Lane Therfield (Spur At C1 Junct)
C3 Rooks Nest Lane Therfield

C4 (Hertfordshire) - done

C4 Whiteley Hill Barkway

C5 (Hertfordshire) - done

C5 South East From A505 Royst Wallington
C5 North From A505 Royst Slip End
C5 North From A507 To Re Rushden
C5 Kingsland Way Ashwell
C5 Redhill Rushden
C5 The Heath Cromer

C6 (Hertfordshire) - done

C6 Pedlars Lane Therfield

C7 (Hertfordshire) - done

C7 Ashwell Road Newnham
C7 Newnham Road Newnham
C7 Newnham Way Ashwell

C8 (Hertfordshire) - done

C8 Ashwell Road Hinxworth
C8 High Street Ashwell
C8 High Street Hinxworth
C8 Hinxworth Road Ashwell
C8 Lucas Lane Ashwell
C8 Station Road Ashwell
C8 West End Ashwell

C9 (Hertfordshire) - done

C9 Ashwell Road Ashwell
C9 Ashwell Road Bygrave
C9 Ashwell Street Ashwell (Bear Lane U4 To C5 Junct)
C9 Bygrave Road Baldock (North Road To Salisbury Road To Half Way Farm Access)
C9 Claybush Road Ashwell
C9 Station Road Ashwell (C8 Lucas Ln To Derest Sign)

C1x (done)

C10 (Hertfordshire) - done

C10 Arch Road Great Wymondley
C10 Barkway Road Anstey
C10 Barkway Road Nuthampstead
C10 Blakemore End Road Little Wymondley
C10 Buckland Road Barkway
C10 North From B1038 To Brent Pelham
C10 West From Five House Sandon
C10 Five House Lane To Whiteley Lane Buckland
C10 Kits Lane Wallington
C10 Manor Farm To Redhill Road Wallington
C10 Mill Lane Anstey
C10 Mill Lane Meesden
C10 Nuthampstead Road Barkway
C10 Roe Green Sandon
C10 Rushden Road Sandon
C10 Sandon Road Sandon
C10 Sandon Road Therfield
C10 South Road Baldock
C10 Wallington Road Baldock
C10 Whiteley Lane Buckland
C10 Willian Road Great Wymondley
C10 Wymondley Road Willian

C11 (Hertfordshire) - done

C11 North From Snow End To Junction With Anstey
C11 East From C10 Pst Be Nuthampstead
C11 Lincoln Hill Anstey
C11 Raymouts Lane Anstey
C11 Raymouts Lane Nuthampstead

C12 (Hertfordshire) - done

C12 Church Street Buntingford
C12 South West From Cave Wyddial
C12 Wyddial Road Buntingford
C12 Wyddial Road Wyddial

C13 (Hertfordshire) - done

C13 East End Furneux Pelham
C13 The Street Furneux Pelham
C13 The Street Little Hormead
C13 Worsted Lane Little Hormead

C14 (Hertfordshire) - done

C14 From B1037 White Hill Southeast To J Ardeley
C14 Chalk Hills Letchworth Garden City
C14 Between Mentley Lane Wood End Ardeley
C14 East From Weston Roa Luffenhall
C14 north from Wood End Wood End Ardeley
C14 Damask Green Road Weston (Post Office Row to Hitchin Road)
C14 Fore Street Weston
C14 Halls Green Weston
C14 Hatch Lane Weston
C14 Maiden Street Weston
C14 Mentley Lane Great Munden (C16 To Derestriction Signs; Derestriction Signs To U971 Rush Green)
C14 Mentley Lane East Standon
C14 Mentley Lane West Standon
C14 Moor Green Road Ardeley

C15 (Hertfordshire) - done

C15 Acorn Street Hunsdon
C15 Albury Road Little Hadham
C15 Barleycroft End Furneux Pelham
C15 North From Winding Hill To New Road Little Hadham
C15 Church Lane Hunsdon
C15 Clapgate Albury (Mill Lane to Patmore Heath; Albury Lodge access road to Mill Lane)
C15 North From Ginns Roa Stocking Pelham
C15 South From Barley Cr Furneux Pelham
C15 Ginns Road Stocking Pelham (North boundary of Spindrift to C107 junction)
C15 Gravesend Albury
C15 The Ash Little Hadham
C15 The Ford Little Hadham
C15 The Wash Stocking Pelham

C16 (Hertfordshire) - done

C16 Brickendon Lane Brickendon
C16 Brickendon Lane Hertford
C16 Great Munden Great Munden
C16 Nasty Nasty
C16 Munden Road Dane End
C16 Pembridge Lane Brickendon (White Stubbs Ln To 30mph Sign Brickendon; 30mph Signs Brickendon To Brickendon Ln)
C16 Sacombe Pound Sacombe
C16 Sacombe Road Hertford
C16 Station Hill Westmill
C16 Stony Hills Stapleford

C17 (Hertfordshire) - done

C17 Church End Barley

C18 (Hertfordshire) - done

C18 Ashanger Lane Clothall
C18 Damask Green Road Weston (Junc U268 (ex Anchor Ph) To 30 Mph Signs; 30mph Sign To C19 Hitchin Rd
C18 Green End Weston
C18 Rectory Lane Stevenage (B197 North Road To Weston Road)
C18 Weston Road Stevenage (Almonds Way/rectory Ln To End; Great Ashby Way roundabout to end at cycleway)
C18 Weston Road Weston

C19 (Hertfordshire) - done

C19 Baldock Lane Willian
C19 Hitchin Road Weston
C19 Lannock Hill Weston
C19 Letchworth Lane Letchworth Garden City
C19 Willian Road Letchworth Garden City (Letchworth Lane to Wymondley Road)
C19 Willian Road Willian

C2x (done)

C20 (Hertfordshire) - done

C20 Fishers Green Stevenage (Symonds Green Rd To No 20; Clovelly Way To District Bdy)
C20 Fishers Green Road Stevenage
C20 Julians Road Stevenage
C20 Sperberry Hill St Ippolyts (Little Almshoe Lane to Folly Lane)
C20 Stevenage Road Redcoats Green Little Wymondley
C20 Stevenage Road Titmore Green Little Wymondley
C20 Stevenage Road Little Wymondley (Chantry Lane to west boundary of Holly Cottage; West boundary of Holly Cottage to Little Almshoe Lane)
C20 Stevenage Road St Ippolyts (Folly Lane To Brookend Farm Entrance To B656 London Road)
C20 Stevenage Road Todds Green (Stevenage boundary to Chantry Lane)

C21 (Hertfordshire) - done

C21 Arlesey Road Ickleford (Turnpike Lane To County Bdy (beds))
C21 Turnpike Lane Ickleford

C22 (Hertfordshire) - done

C22 Holwell Road Holwell
C22 Holwell Road Pirton
C22 Pirton Road Holwell
C22 Shillington Road Pirton (High Street To Priors Hill)
C22 Waterloo Lane Holwell
C22 West Lane Pirton

C23 (Hertfordshire) - done

C23 Hitchin Road Pirton
C23 Priors Hill Pirton
C23 Shillington Road Pirton (C22 To Beds Cc Bdy)

C24 (Hertfordshire) - done

C24 Beech Hill Service Road Lilley
C24 Codicote Road Whitwell
C24 East Street Lilley
C24 Hexton Road Hexton
C24 Hexton Road Lilley
C24 Lilley Bottom Kings Walden
C24 Lilley Bottom Road Kings Walden
C24 Lilley Bottom Road Whitwell
C24 Lilley Road Hexton
C24 West Street Lilley (30 Mph Sign To East Street)
C24 Whitwell Road Codicote

C25 (Hertfordshire) - done

C25 C24 Lilley Bottom To 5u37 Ley Green Ley Green (Junc U37/20 Ley Green To Junc Stony Lane U128)
C25 High Street Offley
C25 Hoo Lane Great Offley
C25 Kings Walden Road Offley (Track Opposite Gt Offley House To West Lane)
C25 Whitehall Road Kings Walden

C26 (Hertfordshire) - done

C26 Back Lane Kings Walden
C26 Back Lane Preston
C26 Church Lane Preston
C26 Church Road Kings Walden
C26 Darley Road Breachwood Green
C26 Gosmore Road Hitchin (Newlands Lane To Parkway Roundabout; Spur Of Main Road Near Parkway Rbt)
C26 High Street Gosmore
C26 Hitchin Road Gosmore
C26 Hitchin Road Preston
C26 Parsonage Lane Kings Walden
C26 Preston Road Gosmore
C26 Priory End Hitchin
C26 School Lane Preston (Church Lane to Chequers Lane)

C27 (Hertfordshire) - done

C27 Bendish Lane Whitwell
C27 Whiteway Bottom Kings Walden

C28 (Hertfordshire) - done

C28 Hitchwood Lane Preston
C28 School Lane Preston (St Albans Highway To Crunells Green to Church Lane)

C29 (Hertfordshire) - done

C29 Aston Lane Aston (Stringers Lane to Stevenage Boundary)
C29 Aston Lane Stevenage
C29 Benington Road Aston (C30(walkern Rd) To 30mph Sign Aston; 30 Mph Sign To Stringers Lane)
C29 Bullocks Hill St Pauls Walden
C29 Church Green Benington
C29 Hertford Road Stevenage (From Bus Link Rd To Rbt Watton Rd; Rbt Watton Rd To Rbt Broadhall)
C29 Hitchin Lane Old Knebworth
C29 Park Lane Knebworth
C29 Park Lane Old Knebworth
C29 Station Approach Knebworth
C29 Station Road Knebworth
C29 Stringers Lane Aston
C29 Three Houses Lane Codicote (B656 Hitchin Road To 5u191 Rustling End)
C29 Watton Road Knebworth
C29 Watton Road Stevenage

C3x (done)

C30 (Hertfordshire) - done

C30 Benington Road Walkern
C30 High Street Walkern (not B1037)
C30 Walkern Road Watton-at-stone

C31 (Hertfordshire) - done

C31 Town Lane Benington
C31 Walkern Road Benington
C31 Whempstead Road Benington
C31 Whempstead Road Whempstead

C32 (Hertfordshire) - done

C32 East From A10 Pst Hay House To Green Braughing

C33 (Hertfordshire) - done

C33 Braughing Road Furneux Pelham
C33 Ford Street Braughing
C33 Patient End Furneux Pelham
C33 Pelham Road Braughing
C33 The Causeway Furneux Pelham
C33 The Street Braughing

C34 (Hertfordshire) - done

C34 Warren Lane Braughing

C35 (Hertfordshire) - done

C35 East From The Causew Furneux Pelham

C36 (Hertfordshire) - done

C36 Barwick Road Standon
C36 Buntingford Road Standon (C14 Mentley Ln (east) To B1368)
C36 High Street Puckeridge (No 46 To C14 Mentley Ln (east))
C36 South Road Standon
C36 Station Road Puckeridge (Sth Rd To High St Opp No 46)

C37 (Hertfordshire) - done

C37 Bromley Lane Much Hadham
C37 Bromley Lane Standon
C37 Hadham Road Standon
C37 High Street Standon (A120 To 3u10 Papermill Lane)
C37 Station Road Puckeridge (South Road To Meadow Walk)
C37 Station Road Standon

C38 (Hertfordshire) - done

C38 Pig Lane Bishop's Stortford

C39 (Hertfordshire) - done

C39 Aerodrome Road Allens Green
C39 Aerodrome Road Green Tye
C39 Danebridge Road Much Hadham
C39 Datchworth Green Datchworth
C39 Gore Lane Barwick
C39 Kettle Green Lane Much Hadham (Junc B1004 West To Barwick Road)
C39 Malting Lane Much Hadham
C39 Mardleybury Road Woolmer Green Knebworth
C39 Mill Lane Watton-at-stone (Whempstead Ln (and 3u16) To A602)
C39 Parsonage Lane Sawbridgeworth
C39 Potters Green Dane End
C39 Standon Green End High Cross
C39 Station Road Watton-at-stone (C163 High St To Church Lane)
C39 Trimms Green Sawbridgeworth
C39 Watton Road Datchworth
C39 Whempstead Lane Dane End
C39 Whitehill Dane End

C4x (done)

C40 (Hertfordshire) - done

C40 Beanfield Road High Wych
C40 North From Tharbies High Wych
C40 High Wych Lane High Wych
C40 Rook End High Wych

C41 (Hertfordshire) - done

C41 North From Tatlingto Babbs Green Wareside
C41 North From Ware Road Hunsdon
C41 Fanhams Hall Road Ware
C41 Fanhams Hall Road Wareside
C41 Musley Hill Ware
C41 New Road Ware

C42 (Hertfordshire) - done

C42 Cappell Lane Stanstead Abbots
C42 Hollycross Road Stanstead Abbotts
C42 Hollycross Road Ware

C43 (Hertfordshire) - done

C43 Amwell Lane St Margarets
C43 Amwell Lane Stanstead Abbotts
C43 Burford Street Hoddesdon (Duke Street To Dinant Link Road)
C43 Hoddesdon Road Stanstead Abbotts (Name Plate Nr Twa Pump Stn To B181)
C43 Lower Road Great Amwell
C43 Stanstead Road Stanstead St Margarets Hoddesdon
C43 Stanstead Road Hoddesdon

C44 (Hertfordshire) - done

C44 Heath Lane Codicote (C45 The Grove To High St B656)

C45 (Hertfordshire) - done

C45 Chiltern Green Road Peters Green
C45 Heath Lane Codicote (Junction at Bottom Farm to junction of C44 The Grove)
C45 Kimpton Road Codicote (Green Lane to Heath Lane)
C45 Kimpton Road Peters Green
C45 Kimpton Road (East) Kimpton
C45 Kimpton Road (West) Kimpton
C45 The Green Peters Green (30mph signs to junction by The Bright Star PH)
C45 The Grove Codicote

C46 (Hertfordshire) - done

C46 Codicote Road Ayot St Peter Welwyn
C46 Codicote Road Wheathampstead (not B653)
C46 St Albans Road Codicote

C47 (Hertfordshire) - done

C47 Ayot Green Lane Ayot Green
C47 Ayot St Peter Road Ayot St Peter

C48 (Hertfordshire) - done

C48 Bramfield Road Bulls Green Datchworth
C48 Bramfield Road Datchworth
C48 Bramfield Road Hertford
C48 Main Road Bramfield
C48 Tattle Hill Bramfield
C48 Winding Shott Hertford

C49 (Hertfordshire) - done

C49 Burnham Green Road Burnham Green
C49 Burnham Green Road Datchworth
C49 Harmer Green Lane Digswell Welwyn (Junc Hertford Road C182 To White Horse Lane)
C49 New Road Digswell Welwyn

C5x (done)

C50 (Hertfordshire) - done

C50 Hertford Road Hertford
C50 Lower Green Tewin
C50 Orchard Road Tewin
C50 School Lane Tewin
C50 Upper Green Tewin
C50 Upper Green Road Tewin

C51 (Hertfordshire) - done

C51 Birchall Lane Cole Green (Junc 3u1417 Westwards To A414 Roundabout)
C51 Cole Green Hertford
C51 Letty Green Letty Green
C51 Panshanger Lane Cole Green (A414 To B1000)
C51 Station Road Essendon
C51 Station Road Letty Green
C51 The Old Coach Road Cole Green (Station Rd (east Spur) To Junc 3u1417)

C52 (Hertfordshire) - done

C52 Hertingfordbury Road Hertford (No 27 Hrtfdbry Rd E To Junc St Marys Ln)
C52 St Marys Lane Hertingfordbury

C53 (Hertfordshire) - done

C53 Hailey Lane Hailey
C53 Hailey Lane Hoddesdon

C54 (Hertfordshire) - done

C54 between Tylers Causeway and East Her Hatfield
C54 Church Lane Cheshunt
C54 Church Road Little Berkhamsted
C54 Darnicle Hill Cheshunt
C54 Dig Dag Hill Cheshunt
C54 Flamstead End Road Cheshunt (Brookfield Lane West to Park Lane)
C54 Hammondstreet Road Cheshunt
C54 Longfield Lane Cheshunt
C54 Newgate Street Brookmans Park Hatfield
C54 Newgate Street Village Brookmans Park Hatfield
C54 Robins Nest Hill Little Berkhamsted

C55 (Hertfordshire) - done

C55 Berkhamsted Lane Essendon
C55 Little Berkhamsted Lane Little Berkhamsted

C56 (Hertfordshire) - done

C56 Church Lane Wormley
C56 Dixons Hill Road Hatfield
C56 Grubbs Lane Brookmans Park Hatfield (Junc Woodside Ln U20 To Junc Kentish Ln B158)
C56 Tylers Causeway Hatfield
C56 Westfield Brookmans Park
C56 White Stubbs Lane Bayford
C56 White Stubbs Lane Broxbourne (Between Church Lane and Cock Lane)
C56 White Stubbs Lane Bayford Essendon
C56 Woodfield Lane Brookmans Park Hatfield

C57 (Hertfordshire) - done

C57 Cattlegate Road Cuffley
C57 Well Road Cuffley

C58 (Hertfordshire) - done

C58 Bluebridge Road Hatfield
C58 Bradmore Green Hatfield (From Bluebridge Road To Station Road)
C58 Dellsome Lane Hatfield (From Station Road To Dixons Hill Road)
C58 Station Road Hatfield

C59 (Hertfordshire) - done

C59 Hawkshead Lane Brookmans Park Hatfield (Junction Bluebridge Road To Railway Br; Hawkshead Rail Bridge To Warrengate Road)
C59 Hawkshead Road Little Heath Potters Bar
C59 Warrengate Road North Mymms Hatfield

C6x (done)

C60 (Hertfordshire) - done

C60 Bell Lane Hatfield
C60 Bulls Lane Hatfield

C61 (Hertfordshire) - done

C61 House Lane Sandridge
C61 House Lane St Albans
C61 Oaklands Lane Smallford St Albans
C61 Sandpit Lane St Albans (House Lane Rbt; 40mph Signs To House Lane Rbt)
C61 Smallford Lane Smallford St Albans
C61 Station Road Smallford St Albans

C62 (Hertfordshire) - done

C62 Ashley Road St Albans
C62 Batchwood Drive St Albans
C62 Beech Road St Albans
C62 Beechwood Avenue St Albans
C62 Drakes Drive St Albans
C62 Marshalswick Lane St Albans

C63 (Hertfordshire) - done

C63 Dunstable Road Redbourn (40 Mph Signs To By-Pass Junct)
C63 High Street Redbourn
C63 Kinsbourne Green Lane Harpenden
C63 Luton Lane Redbourn

C64 (Hertfordshire) - done

C64 Gravel Path Berkhamsted
C64 Potten End Hill Great Gaddesden
C64 Ravens Lane Berkhamsted
C64 Red Lion Lane Great Gaddesden
C64 The Common Potten End
C64 Water End Road Potten End

C65 (Hertfordshire) - done

C65 Cheverells Green Markyate
C65 Markyate Street Lane Great Gaddesden
C65 Pickford Road Markyate

C66 (Hertfordshire) - done

C66 Clements End Road Great Gaddesden
C66 Fish Street Redbourn
C66 Gaddesden Lane Great Gaddesden
C66 Gaddesden Lane Redbourn
C66 Gaddesden Row Great Gaddesden
C66 Harpenden Lane Redbourn
C66 Hemel Hempstead Road Redbourn (Junct With Bypass Junc Chequer Ln)
C66 South Dene Gaddesden Row
C66 The Common Redbourn (Junc Chequer Ln To Junc Fish St)

C67 (Hertfordshire) - done

C67 Beacon Road Ringshall
C67 Nettleden Road Little Gaddesden
C67 Nettleden Road Nettleden
C67 Nettleden Road Water End
C67 Nettleden Road North Little Gaddesden Berkhamsted

C68 (Hertfordshire) - done

C68 Chesham Road Little Heath
C68 Chesham Road Wigginton
C68 Hemp Lane Wigginton
C68 New Ground Road Aldbury (A4251 To Speed Sign 25m S Of Maltings Ln; Malting Lane to Stoneycroft)
C68 Stocks Road Aldbury
C68 The Green Aldbury
C68 Trooper Road Aldbury

C69 (Hertfordshire) - done

C69 Beggars Lane Aldbury
C69 Bottom House Lane Wigginton
C69 Hagdale Lane Wigginton
C69 Junction by Newsetts Lodge to Hamberlins Lane
C69 Northfield Road Aldbury
C69 Rossway Lane Wigginton
C69 Shootersway Berkhamsted

C7x (done)

C70 (Hertfordshire) - done

C70 Kiln Road Aldbury
C70 Station Road Aldbury
C70 Station Road Tring Station Tring
C70 Station Road Tring (B4635 London Road To Beggars Lane To Northfield Road)
C70 Toms Hill Road Aldbury

C71 (Hertfordshire) - done

C71 Station Road Long Marston Tring
C71 Station Road Tring (Cheddington Lane To County Boundary)
C71 Tring Road Gubblecote
C71 Tring Road Long Marston
C71 Tringford Road Tring
C71 Wingrave Road Gubblecote Tring
C71 Wingrave Road Tringford

C72 (Hertfordshire) - done

C72 Birch Lane Flaunden
C72 Chenies Hill Latimer
C72 Felden Lane Hemel Hempstead (Featherbed Ln To A4251)
C72 Flaunden Lane Bovingdon
C72 Flaunden Lane Felden
C72 Flaunden Lane Flaunden

C73 (Hertfordshire) - done

C73 Bovingdon Green Bovingdon (Footpath 010 to east juntion of triangle at Green Lane)
C73 Green Lane Bovingdon
C73 Leyhill Road Bovingdon
C73 Maple Hill Bovingdon
C73 Pudds Cross Bovingdon

C74 (Hertfordshire) - done

C74 Ascot Road Watford (Roundabout to A412 Roundabout)
C74 Baldwins Lane Croxley Green
C74 Chapel Croft Chipperfield
C74 Chipperfield Road Kings Langley
C74 Dimmocks Lane Sarratt
C74 Dunny Lane Belsize Chipperfield
C74 Dunny Lane Chipperfield
C74 Langley Road Chipperfield
C74 Market Street Watford (Exchange Road To Merton Road)
C74 Poles Hill Sarratt
C74 Rickmansworth Road/ascot Road Roundabout Watford
C74 Sarratt Road Sarratt (The Green/loudwater Ln To Little Grn Ln To Solesbridge Lane To Dimmocks Lane)
C74 The Green Croxley Green (Little Green Lane To The Green)
C74 The Green Sarratt (Dimmocks Lane To Poles Hill)
C74 Vicarage Lane Kings Langley
C74 Whippendell Road Watford

C75 (Hertfordshire) - done

C75 Bucks Hill Sarratt (Newhall Farm Access To Bottom Lane To Fp3 (boundary Of Chipperfield))
C75 Chandlers Lane Chandlers Cross
C75 Chipperfield Road Bovingdon
C75 Fir Tree Hill Chandlers Cross
C75 Grove Mill Lane Grove Mill Watford
C75 Grove Mill Lane Watford
C75 High Street Bovingdon
C75 Redhall Lane Chandlers Cross (Rousebbarn Lane To Chandlers Lane)
C75 The Common Chipperfield (Three Rivers District Bdy To The Street)
C75 The Street Chipperfield
C75 Toms Hill Chandlers Cross
C75 Tower Hill Chipperfield

C76 (Hertfordshire) - done

C76 Belswains Lane Hemel Hempstead (Lower Road to Lawn Lane)
C76 Gallows Hill Abbots Langley
C76 Hamilton Road Abbots Langley (Off Hunton Bridge Hill To Lauderdale Rd)
C76 Lawn Lane Hemel Hempstead
C76 Lower Road Gade Nash Mills
C76 Lower Road Nash Mills
C76 Old Mill Road Hunton Bridge
C76 Primrose Hill Kings Langley
C76 Railway Terrace Kings Langley
C76 Station Road Kings Langley

C77 (Hertfordshire) - done

C77 Aeorodrome Way Watford
C77 Aerodrome Way Leavesden
C77 Ashfields Watford (Jordan Close Roundabout To Ashfields / Leavesden S)
C77 Bedmond Road Abbots Langley
C77 Bedmond Road Bedmond
C77 Bedmond Road Hemel Hempstead
C77 Bedmond Road Pimlico
C77 Church Hill Bedmond
C77 High Road Leavesden Watford (A405 To Ashfields Roundabout; Jordan Close Roundabout)
C77 High Street Bedmond (Bedmond Rd Serv Rd Junc To Sergehill Lan)
C77 Langley Lane Abbots Langley (Bedmond High St To St Albans Lane)
C77 Tibbs Hill Road Abbots Langley (College Rd Rbt To High St Rbt)

C78 (Hertfordshire) - done

C78 Bedmond Lane St Albans
C78 Church Lane Kings Langley
C78 Potters Crouch Lane St Albans
C78 Sergehill Lane Abbots Langley (Bedmond High St To St Albans Lane)
C78 St Albans Lane Bedmond
C78 Toms Lane Kings Langley (Junc Primrose Hill To Bedmond High Street)
C78 Water Lane The Bridge Kings Langley
C78 Water Lane Kings Langley

C79 (Hertfordshire) - done

C79 Appspond Lane St Albans
C79 Blunts Lane Potters Crouch St Albans (Junc Chiswell Grn Ln To Junc Appspond Ln)
C79 Chiswell Green Lane St Albans (Blunts Lane To Junc Furzebushes Lane)
C79 Lye Lane Bricket Wood
C79 Noke Lane Bricket Wood

C8x (done)

C80 (Hertfordshire) - done

C80 Chequers Lane Abbots Langley
C80 High Road Leavesden
C80 High Road Leavesden Watford (No 198 To 234; Hill Farm Avenue To Boundry)
C80 Mount Pleasant Lane Bricket Wood (From A405/m1 eastwards to Station Road)
C80 Park Street Lane Park Street St Albans (Lye Lane To Tippendell Lane)
C80 Station Road Bricket Wood
C80 Woodside Road Abbots Langley

C81 (Hertfordshire) - done

C81 Park Street Lane Park Street St Albans (Junc Tippendell Lane To Watling Street)
C81 Tippendell Lane Bricket Wood
C81 Tippendell Lane Park Street St Albans

C82 (Hertfordshire) - done

C82 Aldenham Road Elstree
C82 Aldenham Road Letchmore Heath
C82 Grange Lane Letchmore Heath
C82 Primrose Lane Aldenham
C82 Round Bush Lane Aldenham
C82 The Green Letchmore Heath

C83 (Hertfordshire) - done

C83 Hilfield Lane Bushey

C84 (Hertfordshire) - done

C84 Earls Lane South Mimms
C84 Harris Lane Shenley (Junct Rectory Ln To Junct Mimms Lan; Rectory Lane To Harris Lane)
C84 Mimms Lane Ridge Potters Bar
C84 Mimms Lane Shenley
C84 Radlett Lane Shenley (Radlett Lane Name Plate To 30mph Signs; Speed Rest Sign To Hospital Junction; Hospital Entry(w Tangent Point) To B5378)
C84 Rectory Lane Shenley (Speed Rest To Harris Ln; London Road To Derestriction Signs)
C84 Shenley Hill Radlett

C85 (Hertfordshire) - done

C85 Furzehill Road Borehamwood (A411 Barnet Ln To Brownlow Rd To Shenley Rd (a5135))
C85 Theobald Street Borehamwood (Shenley Road To 40 Sign To Boynton Gate)
C85 Theobald Street Radlett

C86 (Hertfordshire) - done

C86 London Road Shenley (Track 90m South Of House 1 To Woodhall Lane)
C86 Rowley Lane Borehamwood (Studio Way Rbt; Studio Way Rbt To Well End Road; Northern Side Of Elstree Way Island (west To East); Elstree Way Island To York Crescent; York Crescent To Studio Way Rbt)
C86 Silver Hill Well End
C86 Well End Road Borehamwood

C87 (Hertfordshire) - done

C87 Bridge Road Hunton Bridge
C87 Hunton Bridge Hill Hunton Bridge
C87 Langleybury Lane Langleybury (Fir Tree Hill To Oldhouse Lane to Watford Road A41)
C87 Redhall Lane Chandlers Cross (Junct Sarratt Rd To Chandlers Lane)
C87 South Way Abbots Langley

C88 (Hertfordshire) - done

C88 College Road Abbots Langley
C88 Horseshoe Lane Watford (High Road to service road for houses 131-139; Service Road To A405)

C89 (Hertfordshire) - done

C89 Norton Road Letchworth Garden City (Eastholm To Junc C112; Junct C112 To County Boundary)
C89 Norton Way North Wilbury Letchworth Garden City
C89 Norton Way South Letchworth Garden City

C9x (done)

C90 (Hertfordshire) - done

C90 Hallingbury Road Sawbridgeworth

C91 (Hertfordshire) - done

C91 Green Lanes Hatfield
C91 Lemsford Village Hatfield (Brocket Road B653 To Lemsford Rbt)

C92 (Hertfordshire) - done

C92 Ayres End Lane Harpenden (Junct Harpenden Rd To Junct Ferrers Ln)
C92 Ferrers Lane Wheathampstead

C93 (Hertfordshire) - done

C93 Walkers Road Harpenden

C94 (Hertfordshire) - done

C94 Brewhouse Hill Wheathampstead
C94 Bull Road Harpenden
C94 Church Street Wheathampstead
C94 Harpenden Road Wheathampstead
C94 Marford Road Wheathampstead (From High St To Junct Conquerors Hill To Rbt With B653)
C94 Piggottshill Lane Harpenden
C94 Southdown Road Harpenden (Bull Road To Mini Rbt At Grove Road)
C94 Wheathampstead Road Harpenden
C94 Wheathampstead Road Wheathampstead

C95 (Hertfordshire) - done

C95 From Mill Lane To Stockalls Lane Levens Green Old Hall Green
C95 From Stockalls Lane To A10 Puckeridg Standon
C95 Mill Lane Dane End

C96 (Hertfordshire) - done

C96 Coopers Hill Kimpton
C96 Fox Hill Kimpton
C96 Kimpton Road Blackmore End
C96 Kimpton Road Gustard Wood Wheathampstead
C96 Lower Road Breachwood Green
C96 Luton Road Kimpton
C96 Pasture Lane Breachwood Green
C96 Whitewaybottom Lane Kimpton

C97 (Hertfordshire) - done

C97 Camp Road St Albans
C97 Highfield Lane Tyttenhanger St Albans
C97 Hill End Lane St Albans (Junc Highfield Lane To Junc Camp Road)
C97 Tyttenhanger Green St Albans (Highfield Lane To Hill End Farm)
C97 White Horse Lane London Colney

C98 (Hertfordshire) - done

C98 King Harry Lane St Albans

C99 (Hertfordshire) - done

C99 Green Street Chorleywood
C99 Heronsgate Road Chorleywood
C99 Long Lane Heronsgate
C99 Shire Lane Chorleywood

C10x (done)

C100 (Hertfordshire) - done

C100 Common Road Chorleywood

C101 (Hertfordshire) - done

C101 Harefield Road East Rickmansworth

C102 (Hertfordshire) - done

C102 Langley Road Watford
C102 Loates Lane Watford (A411 To Lord Street)
C102 Lord Street Watford
C102 Queens Road Watford
C102 Queens Road The Broadway Woodside Watford (Lord Street to Loates Lane)
C102 Station Road Watford
C102 Woodford Road Watford

C103 (Hertfordshire) - done

C103 Solesbridge Lane Chorleywood

C104 (Hertfordshire) - done

C104 Bushey Mill Lane Watford (Radlett Road To Tudor Avenue; Tudor Avenue To A412)
C104 Colonial Way Roundabout Watford
C104 Radlett Road Roundabout Watford
C104 Radlett Road Watford (Queens Road To Roundabout Orphanage Road; Rbt Orphanage Rd To Junc Link Road; Link Road To Colonial Way Roundabout; Rbt Junc Colonial Way To Bushey Mill Lane)

C105 (Hertfordshire) - done

C105 Hazelend Road Bishop's Stortford

C106 (Hertfordshire) - done

C106 Coleman Green Wheathampstead
C106 Coleman Green Lane Sandridge
C106 Waterend Lane Ayot St Peter Welwyn
C106 Waterend Lane Wheathampstead

C107 (Hertfordshire) - done

C107 North From Graves E Furneux Pelham
C107 Ginns Road Stocking Pelham (Junc C15 (cock Ph) To County Bdy (derestriction Si)

C108 (Hertfordshire) - done

C108 East From A10 To Er Buntingford
C108 North From Beckfiel Green End Sandon
C108 North From Knotley Sandon
C108 Fears Green Kelshall
C108 Fears Green Sandon
C108 North End Kelshall
C108 Sandon Lane Buntingford
C108 Sandon Lane Sandon

C109 (Hertfordshire) - done

C109 Stotfold Road Hitchin
C109 Stotfold Road Letchworth Garden City
C109 Wilbury Hills Road Letchworth Garden City

C11x (done)

C110 (Hertfordshire) - done

C110 Arlesey New Road North Hertfordshire District
C110 Bedford Road Letchworth Garden City (Wilbury Hills Road To Icknield Way Rbt)
C110 Bridge Road Letchworth Garden City
C110 Station Place Letchworth Garden City
C110 Station Road Letchworth Garden City

C111 (Hertfordshire) - done

C111 Flaunden Bottom Flaunden
C111 Flaunden Hill Flaunden

C112 (Hertfordshire) - done

C112 Norton Road Baldock
C112 Norton Road Letchworth Garden City (Centre Of A1(m) Bridge West To C89 Junction)

C113 (Hertfordshire) - done

C113 Coppermill Lane West Hyde

C114 (Hertfordshire) - done

C114 Coopers Lane Road Northaw Potters Bar
C114 Coopers Lane Road Potters Bar

C115 (Hertfordshire) - done

C115 Dancers Hill Road Barnet
C115 Trotters Bottom Barnet

C116 (Hertfordshire) - done

C116 Baker Street Potters Bar
C116 Church Road Little Heath Potters Bar
C116 Church Road Potters Bar (District Boundary (opp House 131) To A1000 Hatfiel; Darkes Lane To District Boundary (opp House 131))
C116 Darkes Lane Potters Bar
C116 Kitts End Road Barnet

C117 (Hertfordshire) - done

C117 Wagon Road Barnet

C118 (Hertfordshire) - done

C118 Barnet Road London Colney
C118 High Street London Colney

C119 (Hertfordshire) - done

C119 College Lane Hatfield

C12x (done)

C120 (Hertfordshire) - done

C120 Broadway Letchworth Garden City

C122 (Hertfordshire) - done

C122 Oxhey Road Watford
C122 Watford Heath Watford (Oxhey Avenue To Pinner Road)

C123 (Hertfordshire) - done

C123 Euston Avenue Watford
C123 Queens Avenue Watford (Hagden Lane To Whippendell Road)

C124 (Hertfordshire) - done

C124 Clarendon Road Watford (A411 Beechen Grove To Station Road)

C125 (Hertfordshire) - done

C125 Parsonage Lane Bishop\'s Stortford

C126 (Hertfordshire) - done

C126 Station Road Bishop\'s Stortford (Junct Opp 49 London Rd W To Dane St)

C127 (Hertfordshire) - done

C127 Bennetts End Road Hemel Hempstead (St Albans Hill To St Albans Rd Rbt)
C127 Durrants Hill Road Hemel Hempstead
C127 St Albans Hill Hemel Hempstead

C128 (Hertfordshire) - done

C128 Leverstock Green Road Leverstock Green Hemel Hempstead (St Albans Rd To Adeyfield Rd)

C129 (Hertfordshire) - done

C129 Adeyfield Road Hemel Hempstead (Midland Road to High Street Green)
C129 High Street Green Hemel Hempstead (Adeyfield Road To Queensway Rbt)
C129 Marlowes Hemel Hempstead (Dacorum Way To Midland Road; Midland Road To Dacorum Way; From Queensway To Dacorum Way)
C129 Midland Road Hemel Hempstead

C13x (done)

C130 (Hertfordshire) - done

C130 Featherbed Lane Felden
C130 Featherbed Lane Hemel Hempstead (Speed Limit Signs To A4251; Field access to speed limit signs (King Edward Street))

C131 (Hertfordshire) - done

C131 Hayling Road Hayling South Oxhey

C132 (Hertfordshire) - done

C132 Royal Oak Lane Pirton
C132 Walnut Tree Road Pirton

C133 (Hertfordshire) - done

C133 Bearton Road Hitchin
C133 Ickleford Road Hitchin

C134 (Hertfordshire) - done

C134 Hollybush Hill Lilley
C134 Luton Road Offley
C134 Offley Hill Offley

C135 (Hertfordshire) - done

C135 Butterfly Lane Elstree
C135 Dagger Lane Elstree

C136 (Hertfordshire) - done

C136 Highbury Road Hitchin (Junc Hollow Lane To Whitehill Road)
C136 Hollow Lane Hitchin
C136 Whitehill Road Hitchin

C137 (Hertfordshire) - done

C137 Essex Road Hoddesdon

C138 (Hertfordshire) - done

C138 Fox Road Wigginton
C138 Vicarage Road Wigginton

C139 (Hertfordshire) - done

C139 Shootersway Berkhamsted (Speed Rest By Coppins Cl To Durrants Ln; Durrants Ln To Junc U1674 Shootersway Nr Bridge Ov; Junc U1674 Shootersway To Cock Grove Via Bridge Ov; Middle Slip Rd At Junc Fuzzen Fields; S Slip Rd At Junc Fuzzen Fields; Junc Cock Grove To N Junc Fuzzen Fields/rossway La; 30mph Signs Eastwards To Tower Cl; Tower Cl To Junc A416)

C14x (done)

C140 (Hertfordshire) - done

C140 Mill Road Royston

C141 (Hertfordshire) - done

C141 Fishpool Street St Albans (Junc St. Michaels Street To Junc Romeland Hill/wel)
C141 George Street St Albans
C141 Romeland Hill Verulam St Albans
C141 St Michaels Street St Albans

C142 (Hertfordshire) - done

C142 Belmont Hill St Albans (Junction Holywell Hill to Thorpe Rd)
C142 Lattimore Road St Albans
C142 Old London Road St Albans
C142 Sopwell Lane St Albans (Thorpe Road To Cottonmill Crescent)
C142 Thorpe Road St Albans
C142 Upper Lattimore Road St Albans
C142 Watsons Walk St Albans

C143 (Hertfordshire) - done

C143 Coopers Green Lane Hatfield
C143 Coopers Green Lane St Albans
C143 Sandpit Lane St Albans (Junc B651 Stonecross To Beechwood; Beechwood Ave To 40mph Signs)

C144 (Hertfordshire) - done

C144 Church Street Baldock

C145 (Hertfordshire) - done

C145 Pixmore Way Letchworth Garden City (Roundabout; From Norton Way South Roundabout To A505 Rbt)

C146 (Hertfordshire) - done

C146 Brownlow Road Berkhamsted
C146 Lower Kings Road Berkhamsted
C146 New Road Berkhamsted (Brownlow Rd To Dist Bdy (n Side Access To Well Far; Dist Bdy (n Side Access To Well Farm) To Berkhamst)
C146 The Common Berkhamsted

C147 (Hertfordshire) - done

C147 Digswell Road Welwyn Garden City
C147 Digswell Road/knightsfield Roundabout Welwyn Garden City

C148 (Hertfordshire) - done

C148 Churchfield Road Tewin

C149 (Hertfordshire) - done

C149 Ascots Lane Welwyn Garden City (A1000 Mill Green Lane To 30mph Signs; 30mph Signs To Junc Howlands)
C149 Cole Green Lane Welwyn Garden City (Rbt Junc Howlands & Heronswood Road; Heronswood Road to Black Fan Road)
C149 Howlands Welwyn Garden City (Ascots Lane To Cole Green Lane)

C15x (done)

C150 (Hertfordshire) - done

C150 Cholesbury Road Tring

C151 (Hertfordshire) - done

C151 Hudnall Lane Little Gaddesden

C152 (Hertfordshire) - done

C152 Hertingfordbury Road Hertford (Mill Farm Access To A414 Roundabout; Rear Bdy Of House 260 To Mill Farm Access; Start Of Splitter Island To Junc A414; A414 To Rear Of Boundary Of House 260)
C152 The Old Coach Road Cole Green (40mph E Of Cole Grn To Junc C51 Station Rd (e Spur); Deres W Of Birch Grn To 40mph E Of Cole Grn; 40mph E Of Birch Grn Rd To Deres W Of Birch Grn Rd; Hertingfordbury Road To 40mph Signs (east Of Birch)

C153 (Hertfordshire) - done

C153 High Street Markyate
C153 London Road Markyate

C154 (Hertfordshire) - done

C154 Carbone Hill Cuffley
C154 Vineyards Road Cuffley

C155 (Hertfordshire) - done

C155 Blackhorse Lane South Mimms (St Albans Road To Speed Limit Sign; Speed Limit To Wood Hill Farm)
C155 Blanche Lane South Mimms ((track) A1 Nw To Gate At S Access To Blanche Farm; Gate By Blanche Farm S Access To Crossoaks Ln Rbt; Crossoaks Ln Rbt; From Crossoaks Rbt To Earls Lane Rbt; Earls Ln Rbt To Old Earls Ln (tr On Lhs); Old Earls Lane To New Road; One Way Section; One Way Section to Frowyke Crescent; Frowyke Crescent To Greyhound Lane; Frowyke Crescent To St Albans Road; Blanche Lane To End By War Memorial)

C156 (Hertfordshire) - done

C156 Between Chad Lane And Windmill Road Flamstead
C156 Chad Lane Flamstead
C156 Old Watling Street Flamstead (A5 to Chad Lane junction)
C156 Pepsal End Pepperstock

C157 (Hertfordshire) - done

C157 Hornhill Road Maple Cross

C158 (Hertfordshire) - done

C158 Bridge Road East Welwyn Garden City
C158 Brockswood Lane Welwyn Garden City
C158 Heronswood Road Welwyn Garden City (Cole Green Lane To Knella Road (x-Rds); Fronting Odd Nos 233 - 247)

C159 (Hertfordshire) - done

C159 Gallows Hill Lane Abbots Langley (Gallows Hill By No 44 To Manor Lodge)
C159 High Street Abbots Langley

C16x (done)

C160 (Hertfordshire) - done

C160 White Hill Rickmansworth

C161 (Hertfordshire) - done

C161 Oxbow South Side Of High Wych
C161 Eastwick Road Eastwick (A414 5th Ave Rbt To 30mph Signs)
C161 High Wych Road High Wych
C161 High Wych Road Sawbridgeworth
C161 Pye Corner Gilston

C162 (Hertfordshire) - done

C162 Station Road Sawbridgeworth

C163 (Hertfordshire) - done

C163 High Street Watton-at-stone (Nsl Sign To A602; Mini Rbt C163 Ware Road To Derest Sign)
C163 Ware Road Watton at Stone (A602 Rbt To Mini Rbt C163 High St / U66 Church Ln)

C164 (Hertfordshire) - done

C164 Churchgate Cheshunt (Junc Cromwell Avenue To B156 Goffs Lane)
C164 College Road Cheshunt (A10 To Cromwell Avenue)

C165 (Hertfordshire) - done

C165 Baldock Road Royston
C165 Baldock Street Royston
C165 Melbourn Street Royston
C165 Newmarket Road Royston

C166 (Hertfordshire) - done

C166 Queens Road Royston

C167 (Hertfordshire) - done

C167 Kneesworth Street Royston
C167 Old North Road Royston (Roundabout Section; York Way Rbt To Tesco Roundabout; Tesco Roundabout; Tesco Roundabout To A505 Roundabout; Queens Road To Roundabout)

C168 (Hertfordshire) - done

C168 High Street Waltham Cross (From New Rbt North To Back Of Rbt; Back Of Rbt To Junc High St North; Eleanor Cross Road Waltham Cross; 

C169 (Hertfordshire) - done

C169 Eleanor Cross Road Waltham Cross (High St To End Of Paved Area; Paved Area To Abbey Road Roundabout)

C17x (done)

C170 (Hertfordshire) - done

C170 Ermine Street Buntingford
C170 High Street Buntingford (Vicarage Lane Roundabout; Vicarage Lane Roundabout To Baldock Road)
C170 London Road Buntingford
C170 Market Hill Buntingford
C170 Station Road Buntingford

C171 (Hertfordshire) - done

C171 Stevenage Road Little Wymondley (Roundabout With Arch Road; Chantry Lane to 30 Mph Sign; 30 Mph Sign To C10 Arch Rd; Arch Rd To Junction With A602 At Ashbrook Cottages)
C171 Stevenage Road Wymondley Stevenage

C172 (Hertfordshire) - done

C172 Ware Road Tonwell

C173 (Hertfordshire) - done

C173 Bignells Corner South Mimms (main rdbt to services rdbt)
C173 St Albans Road South Mimms (Swanland Road Roundabout; Swanland Road Rbt To 30mph Signs; Lorry Gyratory Swanland Rd To Bignells Crnr; N/bound From M/way Depot Rbt To Loop Rd; Motorway Depot Roundabout; Swanland Road Rbt To Road Block South Of Depot; Swanland Road Rbt To Lorry Park Gyratory; Gated Abnormal Load Turning Lane; S/bound From Loop Rd To M/way Depot Rbt; 30mph Signs To Cecil Road; 
C173 Swanland Road South Mimms (Lorry Park Gyratory To Swanland Road Rbt; Lorry Gyratory Bignells Crnr To St Albans Road; Slip From Loop Rd To Lorry Park Gyratory)

C174 (Hertfordshire) - done

C174 Colney Heath Lane St Albans
C174 Hawkshead Lane Brookmans Park Hatfield (Warrengate Road To Swanland Road)
C174 High Street Colney Heath St Albans (Tollgate Rd Rbt To Junc North Orbital)
C174 Swanland Road North Mymms Hatfield
C174 Swanland Road South Mimms (Junc St Albans Rd To Hawkshead Lane)
C174 Tollgate Road North Mymms Hatfield (Junc Dixons Hill Rd To Bullens Grn Lane; Bullens Green Lane To St Albans Bdy (house 124))
C174 Tollgate Road Colney Heath St Albans

C175 (Hertfordshire) - done

C175 Coursers Road Colney Heath
C175 Coursers Road Colney Heath St Albans

C176 (Hertfordshire) - done

C176 North Road Hertford (Neal Court To A119 Roundabout Cross Lane)
C176 St Andrew Street Hertford

C177 (Hertfordshire) - done

C177 Colonial Way Bushey
C177 Colonial Way Watford (Radlett Road Rbt To District Boundary)

C179 (Hertfordshire) - done

C179 Burtons Lane Chorleywood
C179 Chalfont Lane Chorleywood

C18x (done)

C180 (Hertfordshire) - done

C180 Bourne End Lane Bovingdon
C180 Stoney Lane/Bourne End Lane roundabout Bovingdon

C181 (Hertfordshire) - done

C181 Stoney Lane Hemel Hempstead

C182 (Hertfordshire) - done

C182 Hertford Road Digswell (District Boundary to Bessemer Road roundabout)
C182 Hertford Road Tewin (Waterside To District Bdy (footpath To Burnham Gre)

C183 (Hertfordshire) - done

C183 Cambridge Road Thundridge
C183 Cambridge Road Wadesmill (C184 Anchor Lane To Hazelwood Fm Works Access)
C183 Ermine Street Colliers End
C183 Ermine Street High Cross
C183 High Road High Cross

C184 (Hertfordshire) - done

C184 Anchor Lane Wadesmill

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