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Speculative, though official designations in bold. Based off Michelin map from 1929 and Tynwald documents.

Number Route Notes
A1 Douglas - Peel still A1
A2 Douglas - Ramsey still A2, may have taken a different route in Douglas and Onchan
A3 Peel - Kirk Michael - Ramsey Peel - Kirk Michael now A4
A4 Castletown - Kirk Michael now part of A3
A5 Douglas - Ballasalla - Corby - Port Erin since diverted via Castletown, with old route A7
A6 Douglas - A5 recently diverted at A5 end
A7 Castletown - Port Erin now A5
A8 Ballasalla - Castletown now A5
A9 Ramsey - Andreas still A9
A10 Ramsey - Bride eastern section of current A10
B1 Port e Vullen - The Hibernian now A15
B2 Bride - Point of Ayre now A16
B3 Bride - Lhen - Ballaugh now A10
B4 Ramsey - The Cronk now A13
B5 Andreas - Ballawhane now B2
B6 Andreas - Bride extended to Sulby in 1929, now part of A17
B7 Andreas - Sarefield now B3
B8 Jurby East - Sandygate now B4
B9 Jurby West - Ballacain now B5
B10 Sandygate - Sulby Glen - Snaefell now A14
B11 Governors Bridge - Snaefell - Ramsey now A18
B12 Douglas - Cronk-ny-Mona now A22 and A21
B13 Ballanard - Sir George's Bridge now A22
B14 Union Mills - East Baldwin now A22 and B21
B15 Braddan Bridge - Injebreck now A23 and B22
B16 Ballamillaghyn - Crosby now A23
B17 Kewaigue - Foxdale now A6 and A24
B18 Ellenbrook - Orrisdale now A25
B19 Glen Vine - Braid - Ballasalla now A26
B20 Ballabeg - Ronague ???
B21 Colby - Dalby - Peel now A27
B22 Ballanorris Road (Arbory) now A28
B24 Ballig - Peel now A20
B25 Patrick - Kennaa now A30 and A40
B26 Andreas - Dhowin now B6
B30 Port Erin - Foxdale now A36
B31 Port St Mary? - Cregneash now, at least partially, A31
B32 Ballasalla - Derbyhaven - Castletown now A12 and B53

Later maps North South.

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