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When the M1-A5 Link (Dunstable Northern bypass) opens in June 2017 the following numbering changes will be made:

downgrade (most due to new weight limits):

  • A5 (trunk and primary) from M1 J9 to new road -> A5183 (principal and non-primary, other than the last little bit, which will be primary)
  • A4012 'Woburn road from Hockliffe' -> B5704
  • A4146 from A4147 to A505 -> B440
  • A5120 from ??? to ???? -> B5120 (NB duplicate number)
  • A5130 -> B???? (whole route, expected implimentation in Jan '17 according the Wavendon PC from info from MK Council)

new roads:

  • new bypass -> A5
  • Woodside Link -> A5505


Sources include:

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