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Sandford Corner

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Sandford Corner
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Sandford, Wembdon
Highway Authority
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A39, B3339

Sandford Corner is an ancient junction on the main road west from Bridgwater to the Quantock Hills and beyond. It started off as a skewed crossroads a little to the east of the present junction, where minor roads from Charlynch and Perry Green met the main turnpike (as was). In 1922, the turnpike became the A39, and 2 years later a new road was built to bypass the village of Wembdon, thus the A39 was re-routed just a couple of years after it was created. The old route through the village became the B3339. The bypass road turned south a short distance to the west of the old crossroads, cutting across Charlynch Lane. The road to Perry Green then forked off the B3339 with the old crossroads remaining intact, and fully open. It is likely that the name Sandford Corner came in to use at this time, as the sharp bend in the main road was introduced.

As traffic levels increased, the junction became quite notorious, not just for accidents, but with congestion caused by right-turning traffic, to the extent that many locals would avoid making such turns at the junction. However, this was finally solved in 2013 when a new roundabout was installed This was part of the improvements carried out along the A39 between Bridgwater and Cannington ahead of works for Hinkley C. Charlynch Lane was slightly realigned to meet the new roundabout at the A39/B3339 junction, with the old stub to the east closed up.


Route To Notes


Bridgwater, (M5)


Minehead, Cannington


Charlynch Unsigned

Sandford Corner

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