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Sheppey Crossing

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Sheppey Crossing
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From:  Swale Station
To:  Minster Marches
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Highways England
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Bridge Type:  Concrete Bridge
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The Sheppey Crossing replaces the older Kingsferry Bridge. It is D2 unlike the old bridge which was S2. It is also a static bridge so marine traffic doesn't interrupt the flow of traffic. Also nearby is Swale Railway Station where good views of this bridge can be taken.



The bridge has prohibitions on Pedestrians, Animals, Cycles, Invalid Carriages and Motorcycles under 50cc as the road is designed for fast flowing vehicle traffic.

A report by the university of Bath in 2008 highlighted that lack of lighting could cause visibility issues due to the curve of the bridge, but according to the "Highway Link Design" it is complaint with a stopping distance of 236m when traveling at 70MPH. It also criticises the lack of a Hard Shoulder and Emergency roadside telephone for use during an incident and that it would be a maximum of a 1.3KM walk to get off the bridge leading to a delay for emergency services (not quite so relevant in the age of Mobile Phones).


A notable incident happened on the 5th of September 2013 while made national headlines when a 130 vehicles were involved in a pileup on the southbound carriageway. This was during heavy fog and cars ended up crashing into the rear of each other for over 10 minutes. Even though over 130 vehicles were involved of which some were HGVs, no one was killed or had life changing injuries. There were 8 serious injuries and 60 minor injuries. The incident happened in the morning at 7am and the road was closed for 9 hours.

In response to the incident, only average speed cameras have been installed. Motoring organisations called for lighting on the bridge as well as Digital Matrix Gantry signs that would advise drivers in bad weather, or a variable speed limit.


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Sheppey Crossing
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