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Silverdale Interchange

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Silverdale Interchange
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Highway Authority
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Roads Joined
A52, A453, B679
Junctions related to the A453
Junctions related to the B679


This junction is where the A453 inbound from the M1 motorway meets the A52 Nottingham ring road just south of the River Trent and Clifton Bridge.

It is also where the B679 from West Bridgford and Trent Bridge meets the ring road, and where the Silverdale housing estate is accessed.


The A453 to the M1 from here was initially built piecemeal from the M1 as an unclassified link road to the power station at Ratcliffe on Soar, which was then extended to Clifton. The previous route from West Bridgford to Clifton here was initially the B679, which comprised the current section of A453 from Silverdale to the Crusader island, and then carried on through Gotham to Kegworth and the A6. When the road was extended from the M1 as far as the Crusader the whole section to the A60 was numbered A648, the old route through Gotham then became unclassified road. At a later point this section was renumbered A453 (taking this designation off the current B6540 and A6005), the section inside the ring road remained this designation for a while before reverting to B679 again.

This was at one point the original terminus of the Nottingham Ring Road, which crossed the river at Clifton on the current western bridge before taking a sharp Eastern turn and ending at the Silverdale roundabout. It was later extended by adding the second bridge making the route a dual carriageway and then by adding the A52 eastbound towards the A60 around the existing roads.


The roundabout is a simple one at ground level though has recently reopened fully after recent widening works and lane signal improvements.

To the south we have an unclassified road which is the sole road access point to the Silverdale estate.

The northern arm is the B679, which here is a dual carriageway, and heading off the island is signed as part of the A52. This is because traffic heading off the island for example from the A453 inbound needs to head along a short distance of B679 before turning right at a mini roundabout onto the slip road for the A52 (signed Grantham). This is also the exit point for traffic heading onto the eastbound A52 from the outbound B679, which continues to the main roundabout and turns left to access the A52 over the river in the opposite direction.

The eastern arm is for the A52, which is to head northbound over the river. There are 2 lanes for this over the fly over (both to and from the A52 and A453) and heading inbound these merge with a further lane of the A52 itself, a fourth lane heads northbound on the Eastern bridge. This is for traffic staying on the A453 (which can just remain in the left lane), traffic intending to head onto the A52 past Queens Drive needs to cross an additional lane and negotiate with traffic already on the A52 (and leaving the A52 onto the A452) for the right hand lane.

There is a slip road from the A52 westbound onto the junction but this does not interface with the 2 lanes coming southbound over the river onto the A453 from the A52 southbound, this traffic forms the two lanes which fly over the roundabout. Traffic heading off the A52 westbound/northbound needs to exit onto the roundabout (where it merges with traffic heading off the A52 southbound which wants Silverdale or the B679) from where it can leave onto the A453 or B679 on the main roundabout.


Route To Notes


The North (M1), Derby, Nottingham (A453), Queen's Medical Centre


Grantham, Melton (A606), Newark (A46), Tollerton 4, Football and Cricket Traffic


The South (M1), Birmingham, Clifton 1 1/4, Gotham 4, East Midlands Airport 10


Wilford Village 1/2, West Bridgford 2, Ruddington 2 1/2

Silverdale Interchange
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