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Southampton - East Cowes ferry

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Red Funnel Ferry
Location Map ( geo)
Ferries on the Medina - Geograph - 1087263.jpg
Leaving East Cowes
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From:  Southampton
To:  East Cowes
Distance:  19.1 km (11.9 miles)
The Solent
On road(s)
 • A33 • A3021
Crossings related to the A33
Crossings related to the A3021

What's brown and steaming and comes out of Cowes? The Isle of Wight ferry! Of course, this old joke is a bit wrong, given that the Red Funnel ferry is white with a red funnel.

Leaving from just off the A33 at Dock Gate 7, the ferry heads down Southampton Water, across the Solent and, at the mouth of the Medina, docks at East Cowes, where the Cowes Chain Ferry can take you to Cowes, or the A3021 can take you to Newport , Ryde and the rest of the island.

The car ferry journey time of 50 minutes is because of the time spent travelling along Southampton Water to get to/from Southampton itself.

Passenger Service

There is also a passenger only fast ferry that travels from Southampton to (West) Cowes which completes the journey in 23-25 minutes using the Red Jet ferries.

Freight Service

Red Funnel have ordered a new vessel Red Kestrel, which is for freight purposes that is expected to be delivered in 2019.


Southampton Side

Route To Notes


Dock Gates 8 - 20, The WEST, London, Winchester (M271)


Dock Gate 4, Fareham, Portsmouth (A3204), (M27) A33 number not signed

East Cowes Side

Route To Notes


Ryde, Newport (A3054)


West Cowes (via floating bridge) A3021 number unsigned
Seafront, Parking


Name IMO Operator Dates Notes
Red Osprey 9064059 Red Funnel 1994-date
Red Falcon 9064047 Red Funnel 1994-date
Red Eagle 9117337 Red Funnel 1996-date
Red Jet VII 9838321 Red Funnel 2018-date
Red Jet VI 9788083 Red Funnel 2016-date
Red Jet V 8954415 Red Funnel 2009-2016
Red Jet IV 9295854 Red Funnel 2003-date
Red Jet III 9182758 Red Funnel 1998-date
Red Jet II 9001681 Red Funnel 1991-2009
Red Jet I 9001679 Red Funnel 1991-2009
Shearwater VI Red Funnel 1982-1991
1991-1998 (relief)
Shearwater V Red Funnel 1982-1991
1991-1998 (relief)
Shearwater IV Red Funnel 1973-?
Shearwater III Red Funnel 1973-?
Shearwater I Red Funnel 1969-1973
Shearwater Red Funnel 1969-1973

Southampton - East Cowes ferry
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Ferries on the Medina - Geograph - 1087263.jpg
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