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Primary Destinations
Brownhills • Burton upon Trent • Cannock • Leek • Lichfield • Newcastle-under-Lyme • Rugeley • Stafford • Stoke-on-Trent • Tamworth • Uttoxeter • Walsall • West Bromwich • Wolverhampton
Other Important Destinations
Coseley • Smethwick • Willenhall
Current Highway Authorities
Birmingham City Council • Dudley MBC • Sandwell MBC • Staffordshire County Council • Stoke-on-Trent City Council • Walsall Council • City of Wolverhampton Council • Worcestershire County Council
Cheshire • Derbyshire • Leicestershire • Shropshire • Warwickshire • Worcestershire
National Highways Roads
M5 • M6 • M6 Toll • M54 • A5 • A38 • A50 • A449 • A500 • A4510 • A5148
This article is about the county.
For the Highway Authority, see Staffordshire Council

Staffordshire is a traditional county in central England. It contains the cities of Wolverhampton, Stoke-on-Trent and Lichfield, as well as towns such as Burton upon Trent, Cannock, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Stafford, Walsall and West Bromwich.

It is the location of the first new-build inter-urban highway of the twentieth century, the A4123 Wolverhampton - Birmingham New Road.

Across the county

Staffordshire in 1892

In the motorway age, the county is bisected from north to south by the M5 and M6, which are perhaps not surprisingly the busiest roads in the county. The M6 Toll bypasses the southern section of M6 in the county, whilst the M54 serves northern Wolverhampton on its way to Shropshire. The M42 just passes beyond the eastern side of the county boundary near Tamworth.

Prior to the coming of the motorways, the primary traffic movements through the county were in similar corridors to today, with the A34 passing from the Manchester area to the north, through Newcastle-under-Lyme in the north of the county to Stone and Stafford in the central area and then on to Cannock and Walsall in the south before heading out of the county into Birmingham. The other high-traffic routes were along the A449, starting in Stafford and heading through Wolverhampton before passing out of the southern part of the county towards Worcester; and the A38, which passed through Burton upon Trent and Lichfield on the eastern side of the county on its route between Birmingham and Derby.

Whilst the Roman Watling Street (now A5) passes through the county from west to east, it was perhaps surprising to note that in the early part of the twentieth century, the road was relatively quiet, for two possible reasons. Firstly, the road bypasses all major settlements in the county, passing almost equidistant between Wolverhampton and Stafford, before passing Cannock to the south, Brownhills to the north, and Tamworth again to the south. Secondly, the road was replaced as the main London - Holyhead coaching road by Thomas Telford, whose new Holyhead Road entered the county along the now-A41 near to West Bromwich before passing through Wolverhampton city centre, and then taking the now-A464 to leave the county in the direction of Telford and Shrewsbury.

Urban road development


The pattern of urban road development is, not surprisingly, focussed on the largest cities in the area.

In the south of the county, the Black Country conurbation is a true multi-centred conurbation, with the road network simply passing from town centre to town centre in the area (and hence appearing to be rather chaotic on maps), whilst the presence of Birmingham just over the Warwickshire border influences the pattern somewhat, with Birmingham radials passing into the county.

Further north, Wolverhampton forms a major centre, with the vast majority of the road network in the area radiating from the city centre, which was only bypassed by the M6 and M5 motorways in the early 1970s. To a lesser extent, Walsall also acts as a hub for the network in its immediate area.

As befits its status as an old Cathedral City, Lichfield acts as a major road hub to the eastern side of the county; whilst the traditional County Town of Stafford acts as a hub for the central area.

The Potteries conurbation not surprisingly forms the major hub for the northern part of the county, but perhaps more surprisingly it is more focussed on the town of Newcastle-under-Lyme rather than the larger city of Stoke-on-Trent. This is due to the historical factors, with Newcastle being the largest of the towns in the area as the city of Stoke-on-Trent was formed in 1910 as a federation of several smaller settlements.

Highways Management

Toll booth on the M6 Toll

The majority of the county's road network is managed by Staffordshire County Council, with the exception of the two major urban areas in the county.

The urban road network in the south is managed by a combination of City of Wolverhampton Council, Walsall Metropolitan Borough Council, Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council, Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council and Birmingham City Council. In the north Stoke-on-Trent City Council has responsibility for the network within its boundaries. It should be noted that parts of the Potteries outside Stoke-on-Trent, such as Newcastle-under-Lyme have their network maintained by the County Council.

There are small areas around the edge of the county whose roads are maintained by other Highway Authorities, the largest of which is the Upper Arley area of the historic Parish of Wolverhampton, which falls under the jurisdiction of Worcestershire County Council.

National Highways have responsibility for a number of Trunk Roads within the county. The county's motorway network of M6, M5, M42 and M54 falls into this category, whilst the M6 Toll is managed by Midland Expressway on National Highways's behalf. In addition to the motorway network, almost the entire A38 in the county (as well as its spur the A5148) is maintained by HE, whilst the section of A50 between Stoke-on-Trent and Derby; the section of A449 between M54 and A5 just north of Wolverhampton; the A500 between its two M6 junctions through Stoke-on-Trent and the A5 from the A449 north of Wolverhampton eastwards are also the responsibility of HE. The shortest Trunk Road in the county is the A4510 on the edge of Wolverhampton.

Route From To Length
M5 West Bromwich Exeter 166 miles View
M6 Catthorpe, Leicestershire Gretna, Dumfriesshire 236 miles View
M6 Toll Coleshill, Warwickshire Shareshill, Staffordshire 27 miles View
M54 Essington Wellington, Shropshire 23 miles View
M64 Long Whatton Trentham 40 miles View
M600 Coleshill, Warwickshire Shareshill, Staffordshire 27 miles View  
A446(M) Coleshill Shareshill 27 miles View
A5 London Holyhead 252 miles View
A34 Winchester Salford 200 miles View
A38 Bodmin Mansfield 309.7 miles View
A41 London Birkenhead 204 miles View
A50 Leicester Warrington 99.3 miles View
A51 Chester Kingsbury 79 miles View
A52 Newcastle-under-Lyme Mablethorpe 146.0 miles View
A53 Buxton Battlefield, Shrewsbury 55.1 miles View
A442 Droitwich Hodnet 50.4 miles View
A444 Baginton, Coventry Burton upon Trent 34.5 miles View
A449 Stafford Coldra, Newport 108 miles View
A451 Stourbridge Great Witley 16.2 miles View
A452 Leamington Spa Brownhills 39.8 miles View
A453 Perry Barr Nottingham 49.1 miles View
A454 Bridgnorth Sutton Coldfield 29 miles View
A455 Birmingham Stafford 27 miles View
A457 Birmingham Sedgley 10.8 miles View
A458 Quinton Mallwyd 86.6 miles View
A459 Wolverhampton Halesowen 13 miles View
A460 Wolverhampton Rugeley 18.6 miles View
A461 Wollaston Lichfield 23.2 miles View
A462 Wednesbury Laney Green 8.3 miles View
A463 Wombourne Willenhall 7.1 miles View
A464 Oaken Telford 10.0 miles View
A464 Oaken Nantwich 37.5 miles View
A491 Lydiate Ash Wall Heath 12 miles View
A500 Hanchurch Nantwich 18.8 miles View
A511 Markfield Foston 25.2 miles View
A511 Atherstone Burton upon Trent 19.0 miles View
A513 Tamworth Trinity Fields, Stafford 31.0 miles View
A515 Lichfield Buxton 45.7 miles View
A518 Trench Uttoxeter Bypass 33.9 miles View
A519 Newport, Shropshire (N) Newcastle-under-Lyme 19.7 miles View
A520 Stone Leek 16.9 miles View
A521 Meir Park Froghall 8.3 miles View
A522 Uttoxeter Wetley Rocks 14.5 miles View
A523 Calton Moor House Hazel Grove 31.9 miles View
A524 Calton Moor House Newcastle-under-Lyme 20 miles View
A525 Newcastle under Lyme Rhyl 73 miles View
A526 Newcastle-under-Lyme Salford 35.8 miles View
A527 Congleton Newcastle-under-Lyme 13.7 miles View
A529 Nantwich Hinstock 18.9 miles View
A531 Madeley Heath Weston 6.7 miles View
A4026 Watford Gap Little Aston 1.1 miles View
A4030 Bearwood Smethwick 1.7 miles View
A4031 Walsall Smethwick 5.2 miles View
A4033 Burnt Tree Tividale 1.0 mile View
A4034 Mucklow Hill Oldbury 4.1 miles View
A4035 Great Bridge West Bromwich 1.3 miles View
A4036 Dudley Pedmore 4.6 miles View
A4037 Wednesbury Dudley 4.0 miles View
A4038 Moxley Pleck 2.5 miles View
A4039 Bilston Penn 2.7 miles View
A4040 The Hawthorns Handsworth 26.5 miles View
A4040 Wall Heath Kidderminster 8.3 miles View
A4041 West Bromwich Streetly 5.2 miles View
A4091 Tamworth Wishaw 5.7 miles View
A4092 Bearwood Summerfield Park, Smethwick 0.9 miles View
A4098 Moxley Gospel Oak 1.1 miles View
A4099 Halesowen Blackheath 1.3 miles View
A4100 Blackheath Brierley Hill 4.2 miles View
A4101 Ashwood Dudley 3.7 miles View
A4102 Brettell Lane, Amblecote High Street, Amblecote 0.5 miles View
A4121 Union Street Upper High Street 0.2 miles View
A4123 Wolverhampton Harborne 12.0 miles View
A4124 Wolverhampton Brownhills 9.5 miles View
A4126 Monmore Green Coseley 2.1 miles View
A4148 Bescot, Walsall Bescot (circular) 5.7 miles View
A4150 Wolverhampton Wolverhampton 2.1 miles View
A4168 Woodsetton Dudley 1.22 miles View
A4168 West Bromwich Smethwick 0.7 miles View
A4181 Smethwick West Bromwich View
A4182 Oldbury West Bromwich 1.4 miles View
A4196 Wednesbury Carter's Green 2.1 miles View
A4252 West Bromwich Smethwick 0.7 miles View
A4444 The Lunt, Bilston Moxley 0.64 miles View
A4510 Coven Heath Interchange i54 Business Park 0.9 miles View
A4601 Wedges Mills Blackfords, Cannock 3.3 miles View
A5003 George Street Aldergate 0.2 miles View
A5005 Longton Rough Close 2.5 miles View
A5006 Sideway Hanley 3.2 miles View
A5007 Normacot Fenton 2.9 miles View
A5008 Etruria Bucknall 1.7 miles View
A5009 Bucknall Baddeley Green 2.8 miles View
A5010 Hanley Etruria 0.5 miles View
A5011 Talke Lawton Gate 1.9 miles View
A5013 Eccleshall Stafford 6.4 miles View
A5035 Trentham Longton 3.5 miles View
A5077 Uttoxeter Uttoxeter bypass 1.3 miles View
A5121 Branston Stretton 4.5 miles View
A5127 Birmingham Streethay 16.8 miles View
A5148 Swinfen Wall 1.5 miles View
A5159 Watling Street Brownhills Interchange 0.6 miles View
A5182 Acton Hanchurch 1.8 miles View
A5187 Newport Road Foregate Street 0.55 miles View
A5189 Burton upon Trent Stapenhill 1.4 miles View
A5190 Cannock Pipehill, Lichfield 7.7 miles View
A5192 Stafford Road Lichfield 3.1 miles View
A5195 Brownhills Chasetown 1.8 miles View
A5206 Swinfen Lichfield 0.7 miles View
A5271 Porthill Pitts Hill 2.5 miles View
A5272 Weston Coyney Great Chell 7.5 miles View
A5288 Newport Road Foregate Street 1.2 miles View   
B4119 Wishaw Tamworth 5.9 miles View
B4121 Cotteridge Harborne 5.1 miles View
B4123 Beech Lanes Selly Oak 2.7 miles View
B4124 Harborne Hamstead 5.4 miles View
B4125 Smethwick Chad Valley 1.8 miles View
B4129 Summerfield Park Harborne 2.8 miles View
B4135 Smethwick Paradise Circus, Birmingham 1.8 miles View
B4136 Smethwick Handsworth 1.5 miles View
B4138 Little Aston crossroads Perry 5.4 miles View
B4139 Perry Bar New Oscott 2.2 miles View
B4149 West Bromwich New Oscott 8.2 miles View
B4150 Queslett Sutton Park 1.2 miles View
B4151 Walsall Bassett's Pole 8.2 miles View
B4152 Brownhills Aldridge 2.7 miles View
B4153 Brownhills Walsall Wood 0.6 miles View
B4154 Hednesford Queslett 13 miles View
B4155 High Street Chase Road 1.3 miles View
B4156 The Scotlands Great Wyrley 6.1 miles View
B4157 Willenhall (Bilston Lane) Ashmore Lake 1.4 miles View
B4158 The Broadway Eve Hill 0.8 miles View
B4158 Princes Square Snow Hill 0.3 miles View
B4159 Darlington Street, Wolverhampton Salop Street, Wolverhampton 0.2 miles View
B4160 Elephant and Castle Five Ways 0.3 miles View
B4161 Tettenhall Goldthorn Hill 3.2 miles View
B4162 Stow Heath Bilston 0.5 miles View
B4162 Monmore Green Deepfields 2.1 miles View
B4163 Bilston Dudley Port 3.7 miles View
B4164 Moxley Gospel Oak 1.1 miles View
B4165 West Bromwich Walsall 4.9 miles View
B4166 Horseley Heath Oldbury 2.2 miles View
B4167 Hamstead Newton 1.3 miles View
B4168 Smethwick West Bromwich 0.9 miles View
B4169 Hurst Green Smethwick 4.0 miles View
B4171 Dudley Blackheath 3.3 miles View
B4172 Silver End Withymoor Village 0.8 miles View
B4173 Netherton, Dudley Cradley 2.3 miles View
B4174 Quarry Bank Cradley 0.9 miles View
B4175 Upper Gornal Wall Heath 3.4 miles View
B4176 Dudley Brockton 17.0 miles View
B4177 Dudley Ashwood 3.7 miles View
B4178 Summerhill, Kingswinford Kidderminster Road 0.49 miles View
B4179 Brierley Hill Pensnett 1.5 miles View
B4180 Brierley Hill Wordsley 1.8 miles View
B4181 Brettell Lane High Street 0.5 miles View
B4182 Langley Bearwood 3.0 miles View
B4200 James Bridge, Darlaston Wednesbury 1.3 miles View
B4210 Springhill Walsall 4.4 miles View
B4430 Wallows Lane Wednesbury Road 0.3 miles View
B4454 Wednesfield March End 0.4 miles View
B4456 Pleck Pleck via loop 5.1 miles View
B4458 Eve Hill Wren's Nest 0.7 miles View
B4464 Portobello Bentley 2.5 miles View
B4483 Woodsetton Coseley 1.3 miles View
B4484 The Scotlands Bilston 5.7 miles View
B4513 Reddal Hill Road Halesowen Road 0.4 miles View
B4517 Tipton Green Great Bridge 2.0 miles View
B4537 New Wood Wollaston High Street 0.83 miles View
B4558 Wren's Nest Eve Hill 0.7 miles View
B4563 Gospel End Street Dudley Street 0.14 miles View
B4588 Wren's Nest Eve Hill 0.76 miles View
B4590 The Keyway Bilston Lane 0.5 miles View
B5011 Middleton Bridge Catshill 0.9 miles View
B5012 Penkridge Cannock 5.1 miles View
B5013 Rugeley Uttoxeter 10.6 miles View
B5014 Abbots Bromley(W) Rileyhill 8.7 miles View
B5015 The Green Uttoxeter Road 0.14 miles View
B5016 Yoxall Barton Turn 3.9 miles View
B5017 Burton upon Trent Uttoxeter 13.9 miles View
B5018 Branston Wetmore 3.7 miles View
B5025 Greengate Street Stafford Station 0.3 miles View
B5026 Irelands Cross Walton, Stone 16.9 miles View
B5027 Stone Uttoxeter 14.6 miles View
B5028 Market Place Church Street 0.05 miles View
B5029 Blythe Bridge Meir Heath 1.8 miles View
B5030 Uttoxeter Ellastone 5.3 miles View
B5031 Rocester Denstone 0.9 miles View
B5032 Cheadle Hanging Bridge 11.2 miles View
B5033 Ellastone Darley Moor 3.5 miles View
B5037 Dresden Normacot 1.1 miles View
B5038 Florence Hanchurch 4.8 miles View
B5039 Longton Adderley Green 1.5 miles View
B5040 Bucknall Weston Coyney 3.3 miles View
B5041 Trent Vale Stoke-upon-Trent 1.4 miles View
B5042 Hartshill Road Stoke Road 0.2 miles View
B5043 Clayton Road Grosvenor Roundabout 0.2 miles View
B5044 Newcastle-under-Lyme Keele 3.1 miles View
B5045 Newcastle-under-Lyme Shelton, Stoke on Trent 1.3 miles View
B5045 Woodseaves Great Bridgeford 5.7 miles View
B5046 Etruria Shelton 0.6 miles View
B5047 Potteries Way, Hanley Keelings Road, Birches Head 0.4 miles View
B5048 Town Road Stafford Street 0.05 miles View
B5049 Great Chell Northwood 3.7 miles View
B5050 Burslem Cobridge 1.0 mile View
B5051 Longport Endon 5.4 miles View
B5052 Scotia Road Victoria Park Road 0.2 miles View
B5053 Froghall Brierlow Bar 16.7 miles View
B5054 Newhaven Warslow 4.8 miles View
B5058 Church Street Stockwell Street 0.2 miles View
B5066 Stafford Meir Heath 11.7 miles View
B5170 Stafford Road Lichfield 3.1 miles View
B5234 Abbots Bromley Needwood 6.3 miles View
B5312 The Friary Tamworth Gate 1 mile View
B5314 Weston-under-Lizard Weston Heath 1.8 miles View
B5315 Granville Square Stone Station 0.3 miles View
B5331 Poolend Rudyard 1.0 mile View
B5352 Whitmore Road Higherland 0.37 miles View
B5367 Newcastle-under-Lyme Shraleybrook 5.4 miles View
B5369 Basford ST5 Chesterton ST5 2.3 miles View
B5371 Kidsgrove Butt Lane 1.0 mile View
B5399 Silver Street, Tamworth Gungate 0.2 miles View
B5404 Hopwas Quarry Hill 5.7 miles View
B5405 Woodseaves Great Bridgeford 5.7 miles View
B5415 Red Bull Winnington 2.8 miles View
B5416 Derby Street Union Street 0.4 miles View
B5417 Cheadle Cauldon Lowe 6.0 miles View
B5490 Sideway Hem Heath 1.7 miles View
B5493 Tamworth Appleby Magna 7.8 miles View
B5500 Chesterton Balterley Heath 7.1 miles View
B5999 Porthill Tunstall 1.3 miles View     
T11 London Holyhead View
T13 Winchester Preston View
T14 E of Birmingham Birkenhead View
T16 Exeter Leeds View
T48 Weedon Brownhills View
T49 Worcester Stafford 41 miles View
T50 NW of Wolverhampton Oakengates 13 miles View
T53 North East of Birmingham Nottingham View
T54 Nottingham Stoke-on-Trent View
T55 Derby S of Stockport View
T56 Stoke-on-Trent Delamare View
T108 South of Stafford Stafford 6 miles View
T116 Little Packington Weeford View


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Bridges, Tunnels, and other Crossings

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