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Stopgate Cross

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Stopgate Cross
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Highway Authority
Highways England
Junction Type
Roads Joined
A303, B3170
Junctions related to the B3170

Stopgate Cross is a crossroads towards the western end of the A303.

Unlike many junctions on the A303, this one is largely unchanged. There is a dwelling called Stopgate Cottage, and a garage called Stopgate Cross.

1991 scheme

In the early 1990s plans were made to dual the A303 between Honiton and Ilminster. The original 1991 proposal was for a GSJ allowing freeflowing movements between the westbound A303 carriageway and the B3170. There is no eastbound entry slip onto the A303 and traffic would have to use the existing A303 LAR to join at Marsh.

In 1992 there were slight alternations to the design. The eastbound exit slip now joins the B3170 at a roundabout and the LAR towards Marsh has been realigned to meet this roundabout.

1993 scheme

By 1993 the junction was completely redesigned. The main improvement is the ability to join the eastbound A303 without having to travel through Marsh. The LAR towards Honiton is now on the south side of the A303.

This scheme remained on the cards through the remainder of the 1990s but was withdrawn in the early 2000s.


Route To Notes


Exeter, Honiton, Monkton 5 (A30)


London, Ilminster


Taunton, Corfe 7
Yarmcombe 1

Stopgate Cross
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