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Studley Bypass

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Studley Bypass
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From:  Gorcott Hill (SP086676)
To:  Alcester (SP081581)
Meets:  A435, A4023, B4497
Traditional Counties

Warwickshire • Worcestershire

Route outline (key)
Studley Bypass Studley Bypass
1960s proposals

The Studley Bypass has been a long standing proposal to replace the A435 between Gorcott Hill near Redditch and Alcester with a new road to dual carriageway standard. Plans were first mooted in the mid-20th century but nothing serious was proposed until Redditch was designated a new town in the 1960s. By the late 1960s the future highway network for Redditch was pretty much finalised and although the A435 was a trunk road and lay mostly within Warwickshire it was seen as an integral part of the new town road system. The Studley Bypass was therefore a key component of the new town's road system as the expanding town would generate additional traffic which would overload the existing A435. Despite the importance of the scheme the bypass was never built even though the A435 had been upgraded to dual carriageway from the edge of Birmingham as far south as the A4023 junction waiting for the next section to be built. The road then suddenly narrows to S2 as it enters Mappleborough Green. This situation remains to the present day.

1991 proposals

In the 1980s plans were revived for the bypass with several routes under consideration. By 1991 a route along the same line as the 1960s proposals was selected. The only difference is with the junctions. Orders were made for this scheme in 1993 but were revoked a few years later. The A435 was also detrunked around the same time. Since then there have been studies into a bypass around the east of Studley along with routes following the original proposals as single or dual carriageway but these have come to nothing.

Studley Bypass
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