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Forkhill: B133 mis-signed??

To add to the confusion of this road, I discovered this yesterday - Streetview image of the SW end of the B113 at Forkhill... except that it is signposted as the B133, not the B113.

The image is from June 2016, but the same sign was in place in April 2011, so who knows when it was done. Meanwhile, all of the signposted junctions along this length of the road label it as the B113 (e.g. end of Finegans Road here). Either the B133 sign is a mistake (which has hung around for years), or at some point someone wanted to extend the B133 (which runs NW of Newry) down to this point to meet the B134, making the eastern section of B113, from the new A1 south, via the R132, back over the border at Jonesborough and along Finegans Road, the defacto B113... Fattonyni (talk) 08:43, 5 April 2018 (BST)

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