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Temple Mills

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Temple Mills
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A12, M11

Temple Mills was a planned junction on the A12 Eastern Avenue Extension towards Central London. It was the original planned terminus for the Lea Valley route of the M11 and depending on the curvature of the route southwards the M11 would have continued to Stratford. Some plans show a junction serving the later M11 Roding Valley Route between Hackney Wick and Woodford Interchange. It shouldn't be confused with Lea Interchange which is where the A12 junction was eventually built in the 1990s.


Early plans

Initial planned layout from 1960. Eastbound entry slip is beneath the flyover

Plans for the Eastern Avenue Extension began in earnest during the 1950s. At the same time the Lea Valley Route, later M11, was also being planned so the junction would connect the two roads. From the outset the junction at Temple Mills was to be grade separated favouring the A12. The line of the A12 was fixed in 1960 and Orders were made in 1962. Nothing was built however.

M11 Lea Valley Route

Three level stacked roundabout
Full freeflow layout

By the early 1960s the Lea Valley Route was being planned as a full motorway. Two options were proposed: a modified three level stacked roundabout and a full freeflow interchange. These proposals lasted a few years until the Roding Valley Route for the M11 was confirmed in November 1964. The Lea Valley Route was protected for a few years afterwards as a potential local road but the idea of building a road along the River Lea quietly died off.

Ringway era

Following the abandonment of the Lea Valley Route the junction layout returned to its original two level roundabout design. Things become hazy because some plans show a junction at the western end of Ruckholt Road at Lea Interchange instead of Temple Mills where the route takes a more southerly line compared to the earlier proposals. For the purposes of this article we will concentrate on the Temple Mills junction which was proposed as part of the M11 extension between Woodford and Hackney Wick. The junction itself was planned to be part of the M11 temporarily until the full scheme moved the M11 to a new alignment running parallel to the south. The former M11 would revert to an all-purpose road, almost certainly numbered A12. Like all the earlier proposals, these also bit the dust.

Later developments

Ever since the East Cross Route opened traffic had to use existing surface roads between Hackney Wick and the A406/M11. This state of affairs persisted for nearly 30 years when the Eastern Avenue Extension finally opened some 40 years after those initial plans were made. However the A12 at Temple Mills was built along the intended southern M11 alignment so the junction at Lea Interchange was built instead.

By an amazing stoke of luck a grade separated junction now exists at the site of the original proposals. Marshall Road and a short section of Orient Way follow the line of the Lea Valley Route and this passes below Ruckholt Road. It can hardly be considered in the same context as all the above plans though.


Route To Notes


Cambridge, Harlow, Walthamstow


Stratford, Docks motorway only if railway alignment chosen, otherwise 'A' road


Central London, Blackwall Tunnel


Chelmsford, Romford
Leyton depending on layout

Temple Mills
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