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Temporary Northside Bridge

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Temporary Northside Bridge
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From:  Workington
To:  North Workington
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The Temporary Northside Bridge was a crossing over the River Derwent in Workington from April 2010 until October 2012. It replaced the nearby Northside Bridge, which was destroyed in the November 2009 floods, carrying the realigned A597 from the town centre on the south side of the river to the suburbs and retail park on the north side of the river. Until March 2011, it was the only road crossing of the River Derwent in the town, as Calva Bridge had be closed for repairs.

Constructed in only 72 days, the bridge carried an S2 carriageway, with a separated walkway for pedestrians and cyclists. The structure was a 350 metre long, single span bridge that weighed 67 tonnes.

From the roundabout outside Tesco on the south side of the river, the A597 northbound was redirected along Black Path. From here, it curved round the edge of the football stadium, and crossed the River Derwent. The A597 then met the A596 at a LILO junction, meaning any traffic wanting to turn right had to go to Northside Roundabout and double back.

When the new Northside Bridge was opened to traffic in October 2012, the temporary bridge was closed and dismantled.

Temporary Northside Bridge
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