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Tesco Roundabout (Elgin)

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Tesco Roundabout
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This article is about the Tesco Roundabout in Elgin.
For other Tesco Roundabouts, see Tescos Roundabout

The Tesco Roundabout in Elgin lies at the entrance to the Tesco Store on the A96 to the north west of the town centre. It is a four arm junction where the A96 forms the south west and east arms, with the Tesco entrance to the north. To the north west, Haugh Road leads to the Moray Leisure centre, and also around the back of the Tesco store, to car parks and ultimately the A941, although this is generally a slower route than along the A96.

The eastern arm of the A96 has three approach lanes, whilst all other approaches have two. This is primarily because the southern arm of the A96 is split into two, separating traffic staying on the A96 from that soon turning onto the A941 for the south of the town.


Route To Notes


Aberdeen, Fraserburgh (A98)


Moray Leisure Centre, Hotel Haugh Road
Superstore (Tesco)

Tesco Roundabout (Elgin)
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