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The Sabristi

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'The Sabristi' is what we affectionally call our membership. In turn, each male member is a 'Sabristo' and each female a 'Sabrista.'

In the view of the inventor of the term, neither the singular word sabrista (a participant in the Sabre community) nor the collective word sabristi (a plurality of such participants) distinguishes between males and females.

It is an amalgam of the conjuring phrase eh sapristi! (abracadabra) and such Italian words as artista/artisti, barista/baristi, altruista/altruisti, ...terrorista/terroristi.

The form sabriste nevertheless remains available for anyone wishing to refer specifically to a sabristic gathering composed exclusively of females!

Where are we?

SABRE's members are spread right across the United Kingdom and Ireland, and we also have a global following, with members across Europe, in the USA and Australia to name a few.

Take a look at the Introductions thread on the Forums (requires registration) to find out more about us.

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