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The Thicket Roundabout

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The Thicket Roundabout
Location Map ( geo)
The A404(M), Maidenhead - Geograph - 814975.jpg
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Highway Authority
Highways England
Junction Type
Roundabout Interchange
Roads Joined
A4, A404, A404(M)

The Thicket Roundabout is at the western end of the Maidenhead Bypass. It is junction 9B of the A404(M) and had that junction number on both the M4 and A423(M).

The motorway here has changed number four times. It was planned to be the A4(M) Maidenhead Bypass, but at the very last moment its number was changed to M4. The junction was a standard roundabout as commonly found at the end of motorways in the 1960s.

In 1971 the M4 was extended, and this section of motorway was renumbered A423(M). The junction was rebuilt in around 1991 to gain its present underpass, and as one of a number of road number changes the motorway became A404(M).


Route To Notes


Reading, Slough, Windsor (M4)


Wycombe, Marlow, Oxford (M40), Henley (A4130)


Reading, Littlewick Green, Business Campus, Knowl Hill, Twyford (A3032)




London, Slough, Windsor renumbered when the M4 route heading south of Reading was chosen


London, Slough, Windsor renumbered when the Slough bypass opened


Reading, Slough, Windsor (M4) renumbered when the A404 corridor was upgraded and the underpass put in


Henley renumbered as A423 in 1935. Actually met the A4 a little to the east.


Oxford, Henley, High Wycombe, Marlow (A404) renumbered when the A404 corridor was upgraded and the underpass put in




The Thicket Roundabout
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