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Three Lamps Interchange

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Three Lamps Interchange
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Highway Authority
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Roads Joined
A4, A37, Outer Circuit Road
Junctions related to the Outer Circuit Road

Three Lamps Interchange was a planned junction on the unbuilt Outer Circuit Road in Bristol. It would have connected the A4 and A37 along with some local streets to the Outer Circuit Road. Due to the presence of two major routes into the city coming together at the junction it comes with no surprise that this was to be the most complexed junction on the Outer Circuit Road.

At least five different layouts for the junction are known to exist from the first proposals in the mid-1960s to the final plans of 1973. Four of these layouts are detailed below.

It seems by 1973 the junction was finally going to be built nearly a decade after it was first planned. Several hundred houses were demolished later that year and the land cleared but work was halted before anything was built. The land lay bare until the 1980s when plans to complete the Outer Circuit Road were abandoned for good. New houses were then built on the cleared land.

1969-early 1970

1969-early 1970

This design, planned between 1969 and early 1970, consisted of a large irregular shaped roundabout with various slip roads providing freeflow movements for virtually all turns along with some dodgy looking weaving sections. Heading out of the city along the A4 there is a slip road that turns 180 degrees below the junction. This was planned to head into a transportation interchange consisting of a multi-storey car park and a park and ride system.


1970-1972 layout

During 1970 the previous design was heavily improved with the addition of multiple slip roads with avoid the weaving sections. This layout seems to have had the longest life as it was still being promoted in 1972 for which a Special Roads Order was made with regards to its construction. There is no mention of it having motorway status though. The transportation interchange was still being considered at this stage.


Final layout from 1973

By 1973 things have changed considerably and the layout now being planned is a lot simpler. The transportation interchange is no longer shown and the Outer Circuit Road to the south suddenly ends at a ski jump although the layout allows provision for it to be extended.

Unknown design

Simplified layout c1973

This design is the most mysterious of all. There is only one map of it and that is overlaid on a map showing the 1970-1972 layout. It can therefore be dated from 1970 onwards although it bears a more closer resemblance to the 1973 design. The difference between this and the other layouts is the slip roads are all south of the river which suggests a need to reduce costs. The Outer Circuit Road is shown as a single carriageway approaching the roundabout with no obvious provision for a freeflowing continuation southwestwards.


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Three Lamps Interchange
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