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Thruxton Village Junction

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Thruxton Village Junction
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Thruxton Village Junction is a minor turn on the A303. Its name describes the fact that it is not a suitable exit for the race track or industrial estate.

The junction is on the original line of the A303, in an area which developed around it and became known as Mullenspond. The bridge to the east of the junction is known as Mullenspond Bridge.

The road was upgraded in the 1960s, with the A303 given a straighter alignment which required the Old Toll House to be demolished. The new road was still single carriageway, but had a new flyover which crossed the river and Stanbury Road. A pair of LILOs on the west side of the river provided access to the local road.

A new westbound carriageway was built in the 1980s, allowing the A303 to become a dual carriageway. A much larger pair of westbound sliproads were provided at the same time. Also as part of this project, the old A303 east of here up to Mullen's Cot was bypassed, and the old road was provided with a bridge over the river to meet the new junction. This meant an old turning from the A303 to Stanbury Farm could be closed.


Route To Notes


Thruxton Ind Est & Circuit 1 1/2, Quarley 4, Grateley 5, Amesbury 10


Andover 5, Weyhill 6, Basingstoke, Newbury (A343), London M3
Thruxton (Village Only) 1/4, Kimpton 1 1/2, Fyford 1 1/2
Weyhill 1 1/2
E. Cholderton 1/4, Amport 1/2

Thruxton Village Junction
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