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Tipner Interchange

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Tipner Interchange
Location Map ( geo)
M275 unfinsihed junction - Coppermine - 4241.jpg
Land cleared for the eastern side of the roundabout.
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Highway Authority
Junction Type
Roundabout Interchange
Roads Joined
M275, unclassified
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Tipner Interchange is junction 1 of the M275.

The intially built section of the interchange, complete with pedestrian railings and gap where the footpath is in a subway under the non-existant sliproad

When the M275 was originally built, a roundabout interchange at Tipner was actively provided for, with Tipner Lane being diverted under the motorway on the line of the roundabout, and the bridge for the other half added as well. Pedestrian underpasses were build for the sliproads (though have since been filled in as part of the finished junction).

More recently, plans for an IKEA at Tipner called for the finishing of this junction, however the IKEA went to rival city Southampton and those plans to build the interchange were shelved for a couple of years before Portsmouth city council revived the scheme to access development in the area. The M275 had its speed limit lowered to deal with this junction prematurely, and the plans stagnated for several years as the Credit Crunch stopped the development.

Eventually a Park and Ride scheme created enough momentum to get construction back underway. The junction finally opened on the 5th of April 2014.

The completed junction is very similar to the original plan, however it was deliberately not connected to the local road network (except by rising bollards) to prevent traffic from using the junction to avoid the delays on the motorway south of here. This leaves us with a destination, signposted as "Tipner (W)", which is only accessible from the motorway network.


Route To Notes


(M27) London, Southampton


Portsmouth (W), Historic Waterfront, Isle of Wight ferries, Cruise and cross channel ferries
Tipner (W)
Park and Ride


Tipner Interchange
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