Tomnahurich Roundabout

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Tomnahurich Roundabout
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Tomnahurich rdbt
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Highway Authority
Transport Scotland
Roads Joined
A82, A8082
Junctions related to the B8082
Dellfield Roundabout • Essich Roundabout • Holm Roundabout • Inshes Junction • Leys Roundabout • Slackbuie Roundabout • Wades Roundabout

The Tomnahurich Roundabout is a new junction in Inverness, built in the second half of 2016 to accommodate the new road planned to connect the A82 with the south east of the city. The roundabout is being built to the south of the A82, immediately east of the Bridge over the canal. The new road will then follow the canal bank, before crossing the River Ness on a new bridge, to meet the B8082 and B862 at Holm Roundabout. In January 2017, the roundabout was complete, and in use by traffic on the A82. New signage shows that the new road is the A8082, and this terminates at Holm Roundabout with the B8082 taking over the rest of the journey.

A longer term plan, is to construct a second roundabout on the south side of the canal, and a new canal bridge so that traffic flow can be maintained at all times, with only one canal bridge open at any time. This will see the construction of the Torvean Roundabout to the south west of the canal bridge.

Signage is partially guesswork at present, until roundabout is completed.
Route To Notes


City Centre, Aberdeen, Perth, Wick (A9)


Fort William, Drumnadrochit


Holm Mills, Dores (B862), Raigmore Hospital

Tomnahurich Roundabout
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Tomnahurich rdbt
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