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Traffic Signal Controller Types

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There are a number of controllers on the market and on-street from a variety of manufacturers.


Traffic Controllers

Plessey 70 Plessey T200 Plessey T400 Siemens ST800 Siemens ST900

Pedestrian Controllers

Plessey 110 Plessey 125 Siemens T500 Siemens ST700 Siemens ST750


Traffic Controllers

GEC C3000 GEC CX Ferranti Mk1 Ferranti Mk2 / PEEK TLC2 PEEK TSC3 PEEK TRX PEEK PTC-1 Philips 53

Pedestrian Controllers

GEC 125 McKew Pedestrian Controller PEEK TSP


Traffic Controllers

Microsense MTC Microsense Sentinel

Pedestrian Controllers

Microsense MPC


Microsense Wig Wag Controller

Traffic Signals
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