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Trondra Bridge

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Trondra Bridge
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From:  Scalloway
To:  Trondra
East Voe
Highway Authority
Shetland Islands
Opening Date
Additional Information
Bridge Type:  Girder Bridge
Engineer:  Cleveland Bridge and Engineering Co. Ltd.
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Crossings related to the B9074
The Bridge from Mainland

Trondra Bridge was built in 1971 to connect the island of Trondra to the Shetland Mainland. The island lies just south of Scalloway, separated from the mainland by the Clift Sound and while it was sparsely populated at the time the bridge was built, numerous new houses have since been built, especially at the northern end. The main purpose of building the bridge, however, was as part of a larger plan to connect East and West Burra to the mainland, with a road across Trondra making the easiest route to these more populous islands.

The bridge consists of three girder spans supported by two paired concrete legs in the narrow channel. Concrete abutments form the landfalls, with that on Trondra being at the end of a substantial embankment to allow the bridge to be level across to the higher ground on Mainland. Although the road on either side of the bridge is S2, the bridge itself is only single track with a pavement on the north side and metal barriers as parapets. Give way markings on either approach give the necessary priority to traffic on the bridge, and there is sufficient visibility across the bridge to ensure that traffic can see oncoming vehicles from either side.

Trondra Bridge
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