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Tullibody Old Bridge

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Tullibody Old Bridge
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From:  Stirling
To:  Alloa
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16th Century, 1915, 1997
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Crossings related to the A907

The A907 crosses the River Devon a little to the west of Tullibody, on the newest of three bridges to stand here. The oldest bridge still stands,a little to the south of the current structure.

The old Bridge

looking across the old bridge

The old bridge is believed to be early 16th Century in date, and consists of a series of stone arches, with two spanning the river channel. The easternmost of these was demolished in 1560 to prevent French troops crossing the river, but the French simply constructed a timber structure to bridge the gap, using timber from the roof of Tullibody Kirk!

Despite often being described as 'ruinous' and being tolled to pay for maintenance, the bridge has remained little changed ever since the arch was replaced. However, it is still easy to tell the difference in the two arches, with the older one being slightly pointed and more highly decorated compared to the near semi-circular replacement arch to the east. The bridge was thoroughly restored in 2003 to secure its future as an ancient monument.

The roadway varies in width considerably as it crosses the western approach and over the river, being much narrower over the river arches, with the parapet doing a right angled dogleg on the western side. There are also 3 low semi-circular flood arches under the causewayed approach from the west.

The replacement bridges

In 1915 the old stone bridge was replaced by a metal structure immediately upstream. This was a two way bridge, suitable for the motor age and survived for 80 years until it too was finally replaced by a concrete structure a little further upstream again in 1997, although it took until 2003 for the old bridge to be demolished.

The new bridge

The modern concrete bridge was built a decade before the rest of the A907 route was upgraded, but was clearly part of the final plan, as the road kinked on either side from the old alignment onto the new bridge. The new road is much wider than the old, and whilst marked out as S2, there is plenty of room to overtake by straddling the centre line - providing other traffic is compliant! The old road is now uses as part of the NCN76 cycle route, using the old stone arched bridge to cross the river.

Tullibody Old Bridge
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